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Friday, May 15, 2009

Wayman Tisdale

Dammit, people aren't supposed to die at 44 from cancer.

It's not supposed to happen to people who are former NBA stars.

It shouldn't happen to people who are accomplished jazz musicians.

It still happens though and that sucks.

So long Wayman, we'll miss you.


jacobmrley said...

I have a whole list of people whom I'd like to die of cancer, unfortunately, the ones who die young are never ever on it. Wayman Tisdale would never make this list. Never ceases to amaze me that good men like Tisdale die young and TO and ROger Clemens will live into their 80's.

Rob said...

Living in Indiana, everyone loved this guy. He Chuck Person, Reggie,Vern Flemming and Smits were the first to get us into the playoffs and out of the cellar. Bobby Knight even said that he was a class act, and he doesnt just throw words around. RIP big man.