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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thanks for the input

Ok, after the reading the comments I learned a few things.

1) There are others out there, like myself, who feel bad for neglecting A Pack A Day and I should try to post there at least occasionally.

2) A Pack to be Named Later is a cool concept and should also not be ignored.

3) Cross posting is likely acceptable to the masses.

So here's what I'm a-gonna do.

I'll try to post a pack a week to each. I can probably keep up with that. If not, well, at least a pack a month. When I do post something I'll put the best pull from the pack on here and link to the full post. That way I'm not neglecting my own blog either. So to kick things off, here's two packs for you on this Memorial Day Eve.

Can ya believe this pack was opened when I bought it? What is wrong with people?

I shall post this card whenever I pull a sick hit from this day forward. Anyone out there know what year this set came out?

Any comments, suggestions, complaints will be welcomed with open arms.


MDA said...

The Artbox Entertainment Powerpuff Girls cards came out in two series...

Series 1 - 2000
Series 2 - 2001

MDA said...

Aha. I found the checklists...

Series 1Series 2

madding said...

I missed the original post/thread/poll/whatever about APAD vs. APTBNL, but I also basically decided on my own that I should try and post a pack per week to each. So many posts on APTBNL have shown every single card in the pack that I feel compelled to scan everything when I do a post there, though. I will no longer feel guilty about posting non-baseball stuff, however, since there's now a good place to do it.