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Friday, May 8, 2009

For comparison's sake

Since I ripped a hobby pack of Goudey over here, I decided to compare it with a pack of retail Goudey. To main differences right off the bat: The retail wrappers are green. You save some green too, at $2.99 a pack instead of $5.25. Now to the cards.

73 Magglio Ordonez

I seem to be attracting Tigers now. Mags is a solid player for the Bengals.

72 Miguel Cabrera

The biggest star in the pack. Unfortunately the upper left corner was mangled out of the pack.

93 Howie Kendrick

If it weren't Friday night, if I didn't have several beers in me and if the braves weren't getting creamed by the Phillies I'd probably do some research on how well Howie is doing this year. I'm going to pop open a brewski fresh out of the freezer instead.

35-95 4 in 1 Goudey
BJ Upton, Lastings Milledge, Chris Young & Matt Kemp

I haven't really looked into the checklist for this set yet, but I think I'll have to do so now. The card number intrigues me... #35-95? Does that mean these cards aren't part of the set? Does that make them an insert? A parallel? I'll have to figure that out this weekend. Another odd thing is that in the original 1935 Goudey set the four subjects were generally grouped by team. Here it looks like Upper Deck went with the "young outfielder with lots of upside" theme.

41 Kerry Wood Mini

Yay! A mini! Minis have green bars on the bottom instead of red for some reason. I wish UD had taken the time to slap on an Indians logo on this card.

149 Kurt Suzuki

I have to say this is a nice looking card. Nice choice of picture for Kurt and the green looks good on the A's card.

159 Lou Marson

This card, not so nice. Orange and Phillie red? Eeeecccchhh. I don't know who this guy is.

176 Erik Bedard

Actually I changed my mind. I just hate the orange backgrounds. I'm not a big orange fan to begin with and it looks rotten with the red bar on the bottom.

So, there's a hobby and a retail pack. The players in the hobby pack were much better, but that's just the luck of the draw. Both packs had two SPs/parallels/inserts/whatever so that's a wash. The decoy code card was neat in the hobby pack but is there really a $2.26 difference in these two packs? I don't think so.


madding said...

So was the strategy this year to rush Goudey out to beat the competition (A&G?) I guess not including a lot of offseason moves is one of the side effects.

deal said...

Lou Marson is actually a pretty high level prospect in the Phils org. He played this year when Carlos Ruiz went down for a couple of weeks. He is a catcher with some pop and the expected heir at the position. Played in the 08 Futures game. I would expect to see him regularly in 2010 or possibly later this year.

Anonymous said...

too bad my local card shop only sells retail nowdays....

ManOfSteal said...

That is a pretty sweet looking Suzuki. I haven't picked up any Goudey yet, but I definitely need to now!

onemorepack said...

where did you get- 2 inserts inretail? i only see 1.

dayf said...

The 35 Goudey 4 in 1 card and the mini card I counted as inserts even though they are probably technically a short print and a parallel.