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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be Like Manny!

Want the experience of getting busted with 'roids AND taking fertility drugs? Play these two games and you can!

Steroid Quest!

Octomom! The Great Baby Rescue!

Fifty game suspension nothin'... Manny will have to take a lot more time off to take care of all those kids he'll pop out after abusing fertility drugs.

H/T: Baseball Musings

P.S. - When you're ready to play a good game, try Hex Empire.

P.P.S. - My apologies to the Dodger fans out there. After the Jordan Schafer suspension I feel your pain. i am truley sorry for your lots.


Captain Canuck said...

one thing that bothers me about the whole Schafer thing... I'm pretty sure I was bigger than him when I got out of junior high... and he's not a longball guy... what was he taking anyways? It sure wasn't working... at least not in an obvious way.

dayf said...

Schafer isn't actually take ANYTHING. He failed no tests whatsoever. He was friends with some other players who were linked with HGH, so they rounded him up with the rest of them. The whole thing was utter bullshot. Fifty games lost and no proof of him taking anything whatsoever. That revelation more than anything else has turned me against the witch hunt that is MLB steroid suspensions.

Chris Harris said...