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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flea Market Finds part 2

Not in much of a mood to post, or even be on the computer at all today so this one's going to be quick and dirty. I was able to pick up some pretty interesting old wax at the flea market yesterday.

1990 Leaf Series Two

I had never found a pack of this stuff a a price I was willing to pay. At one point in time these cost areounf $15-$20 a pack due to the Frank Thomas and Dave Justice rookies. I got this one for a tenth of that.

1987 Fleer Cello

'67 Fleer is their finest set in my opinion. I was able to bust quite a few packs when it first came out and I enjoy finding packs of this stuff. I almost got a pack with Alan Trammell showing on the front, but Thorzul has permanently associated the year 1987 with Ed Lynch in my mind, so I got the pack with Mr. Chins instead.

1986 Donruss

I am not entirely certain I've opened a pack of 1986 Donruss before. I'm sure I have at some point, but I don't remember it. 1986 Leaf and Donruss Action All Stars I have opemed more than my share, but not plain 'ol Donruss.

I'm going to rip these sometime this week, but not now. I'm just going to kick back and zone out to Family Guy and American Dad. Gotta recharge the ol' ripping batteries. If you are dying for a pack fix on this Sunday evening, Card Junkie has a rather interesting '87 Donruss rack pack rip posted you might want to check out.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Thanks for the plug and the rack pack. I cannot wait for '90 Leaf, '87 Fleer and '86 Donruss action! I ripped some '90 Leaf series 2 a few months ago and was quite pleased.



I pulled a two dollar Dave Justice RC and an eight dollar Larry Walker RC. Maybe you'll get the 20 dollar Frank Thomas! It's your turn to get a Barry Bonds rookie in the '87 Fleer. But I'm most envious of the '86 Donruss. One of the coolest sets of all time. I've never opened any but I always dreamed of finding some at a card show as a kid and never did. Then one day I stumbled upon an eBay auction for eight packs for ten bucks with no bids and a few seconds left and I didn't bid in time. I could kick myself.

Thorzul said...

Congrats on going for the Ed Lynch. You made me proud.