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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Catching up on trades - A Cardboard Problem

Marie over at A Cardboard Problem recently pulled something out of a blaster that I had to have At Any Cost. If you follow the blog closely (and if not, why not?) you'll know what it was. It will be the Card of the Week for 6/01/09 so you'll get to see it soon enough. I traded an Albert Pujols jersey card and a big stack of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards for it, and Marie was nice enough to throw in a lot of Braves and stuff along with the presssioussss.

Yes, the card is that good.

Anyway, I got a big stack of cards, about half were 2009 Braves which I will post separately. Here's my top 3 out of the rest of the stuff and I omitted a 2008 Goudey Berk Ross card of The Great One so you know I like 'em.

This... thing... that didn't scan nearly as well as I hoped is a 1994 Bowman's Best card of Greg Maddux. Bowman's Best is basically Topps looking at how batshart everyone went over Finest and deciding to try to cash in a second time. The design is absolutely horrible, they stole random marble highlights from Leaf and then put this awful red textured mess in the background that looks like the money shot from a slasher flick. But check out that photo! It takes up about 85% of the whole card! There's not enough space for the awful background to show through! compare that to some of the photos on cards today... The companies just don't have the huevos to to fill the whole card up with a picture like this one anymore. There was a second Best card in the package, featuring Fred McGriff and Brooks Kieschnick. Be honest - who here remembers Brooks Kieschnick. The same people who remember Kevin Orie, right?

This one didn't scan well either due to the blue foil. I think that's why I love vintage and retro cards so much... no dang foil. This is my first Photographer's Proof from '08 Stadium Club and I may very well have close to a complete set of Brandon Jones cards from that set now. My new favorite TV show is watching the Gwinnett Braves play on the local Comcast station. It's fun watching Brandon and Tommy Hanson and Gregor Blanco and the rest of the prospects that will be up soon on TV. Plus Brian Jordan is an announcer! How cool is that?

Finally a bunch of cards I needed from my 2008 Timelines set. I'm down to needing 80 cards for the complete set with SPs. Not too bad. Can you still pick up boxes for about 30 bucks now that people know the Steven Strasburg auto can be found in them? If someone opens a case looking for the auto, shoot the SPs my way please. These two cards above are ones I needed for my Timelines Stadium Gallery. I'm still missing a few teams (and I don't think the pirates have a card at all) but they'll turn up eventually.

Great stuff Marie, thanks! I'll keep looking for those YSL cards and I also need to pick through my Jeters to send Sooz a package soon. I don't want her to feel left out.


hiflew said...

I remember Brooks Kieschnick. He was the two way (pitcher/OF) player that was a MUCH better college player than pro player. I think he even won the Golden Spikes Award his last year.

Sooz said...

Dont' worry about me. I'm still trying to catch up on a ton of trades over here.

Motherscratcher said...

Brian Jordan is an announcer? THE Brian Jordan? The deadbeat whose cards from about 20 years ago I was going to use to buy a car when he went into the Hall of Fame?

Dayf, sorry to bother you but we've appointed you the Commish of the Turk-Off and we need a ruling. No sense avoiding your responsibilities.