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Sunday, May 3, 2009

We woooooooooon!

We won a playoff series!

For the first time since Clinton was President!

We actually did it!

Now we get to play King James and the Cavs!

If there is a Cavaliers fan out there who wants free cards, make me a (reasonable) wager on the Hawks - Cavs series. It's a pretty lock solid win. Just remember I have little money but lots of inventory right now.

We won!


mfw13 said...

You must feel like I did a couple year's back when the Warriors finally won a series...happy on the one hand, but also realizing that it doesn't change the fact that your team has zero chance at winning the title.

DC said...

woo hoo!!

jacobmrley said...

I am so glad someone still watches the NBA and it brings them joy. i left basketball in the dust years ago, but i still miss it sometimes, usually playoff time.