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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catching up on trades - Albuqwirke Playoffs

I got a box of neat stuff from Cards in the Attic a looooong time ago. However, I left a few loose cards in the box by accident and rediscovered them a short time ago. Here are the 8 cards from the box battling it out in a playoff format.

#8 Dave May vs. #1 Sid Bream

Normally a '75 Topps card wouldn't be the low seed, but there were two in the box and I had to put one of 'em in the last seed. Don't be fooled, May is a worthy opponent. Just look at those sideburns! Bream is the #1 seed for a reason though. First of all, it's a Topps Fan Favorites card in a 1992 design. Add to that the fact that he is rounding the bases, something he was known for in '92. The clincher though is the Marlins player in the background. On a 1992 design card. Good eye, Topps, That attention to detail is why Fan Favorites rocks.

Winner: Sid Bream

#5 John Cena vs. #4 Bazooka Joe

Cena looks more like a cartoon on his card than Bazooka Joe does, oddly enough. You'd think Bazooka would win this one hands down, wouldn't you? He's a Brave, it's a mini card, I'm not that big of a wrestling fan... no brainer, right? Well it would be had Bazooka Joe not whored himself out like Fred Lynn and played for every team in the league. Cena's crouchboxing wins the day.

Winner: John Cena

#7 Ron Gant vs. #2 Tom House

This is a pretty close matchup. Both photos are canned poses. Empty stands behind Gant, random players milling abotu behind House. Both spring training shots if I'm not mistaken. This was a very tough decision, but in the end I had to go with the guy who caught Hank Aaron's #715 ball in the bullpen.

Winner: Tom House

#6 Pat Rockett vs. #3 Adrian Devine

This matchup was absolutely fierce. The two cards are matched up so evenly. Goofy names - check. Empty stands - check. Exaggerated poses where they look like they might fall down in a stiff breeze - check. 70s hair flying out of their caps - check. It all comes down to this: Pat's 'stache vs. Adrians glasses. Now, that's a fine copstash on Rockett there. Very '70s indeed. But Devine's glasses are freakin' HUGE. They cover up half his face! Gotta go with Devine on this one.

Winner: Adrian Devine


#3 Adrian Devine vs. #2 Tom House

We go to the backs of the cards for the Semis. Devine's highlights include an awful lot of High School and American Legion accomplishments for a major league pitcher. The signature is also perplexing. His auto says "Paul Devine" while it's Adrian on every single card I've ever seen of him. The real killer is the cartoons. Paul is peacefully taking photos on the mound, House is throwing a baseball AT A DUDE'S FACE.

Winner: Tom House

#1 Sid Bream vs. #5 John Cena

The #1 seed is definitely not on their A-game today. 1992 Topps just doesn't have a great back. This archives version doesn't even have the panoramic view of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium on the bottom. Cena's card has a soldier and a star and logos and a flag all over it. Big upset in the semis!

Winner: John Cena


#2 Tom House vs. #5 John Cena

'75 Topps is nice and all, but how can that awesome photo of Cena possibly lose? Just look at it!


I have no idea what the heck John is doing on that card, or where the card came from, or why John is a Devil Ray, but it's FREAKIN' AWESOME.

Albuqwirke Inaugural Tournament Champion: John Cena Disabled American Veterans Promo Card


night owl said...

You finally got to the question I was asking the whole post:

Why is John Cena a Devil Ray?

Offy said...

I've got a friend who lives down in Orlando and makes his way to Tampa when the Red Sox are in town. From what I understand, in past seasons, Cena was used as the Rays' rally monkey. They'd show him up on the scoreboard encouraging people to cheer and stuff like that. I guess he lives down there now and forgot all about growing up in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

His dad still lives up here though and works with a lot of the local wrestling promotions. It's kind of funny to watch because the only link he has to wrestling is that he contributed half of the genetic material that created a current WWE star.

AlbuqwirkE said...

Oh, you should (and probably one day WILL) see the "other" Devil Rays cardoddities produced by the DAV.