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Thursday, May 28, 2009

1984 Topps Wantlist

Now that I'm one stinking card away from my 1983 Topps set, it's time to move to '84. For the longest time this was one of those sets I hadn't really thought about completing because I didn't buy all that much back in 1984 and as a result I missed out on all of the big rookies. I finally realized three things last week:

1) I now have the Mattingly card that was the big reason why I thought the set was out of reach in the first place.
2) I actually have two of the Strawberry rookies, one of which I got out of a dime box.
3) None of the cards in the set are worth a damn anymore anyway.

The third revelation is the most important, because it means I can probably finish off my other 'impossible' '80s set next: 1985 Topps. The Clemens and Big Mac rookies are no longer selling for a Franklin each now that everyone hates them. Hooray for steroids! First things first though:

1984 Topps Wantlist

512 Oscar Gamble
563 Glenn Wilson

Note: it will probably take me a while to get back on any offers, I'm still hunting down cards for Greg and Mr. Haverkamp from my last wave of wantlists. Also, if anyone needs cards from this set e-mail me, I've got a ton of doubles.

Have: 792/792 - 100%

Thanks to: madding, some other guy, HalosfanRob, @grogg, The Card Chop


night owl said...

I have the entire set and this is the first time I noticed Rice's hair on that leaders card. It looks like they woke him up from his nap in the trainer's room.

Motherscratcher said...

I pulled out my entire stack of 1984 Topps. I have about 10 of them (how is that possible). The only one I have is #48 Julio Franco. It's all yours dude.

You still live at State Pen Athens Georgia cell #387?

Jimbo said...

Glad you didn't slit your wrists after Chippah's 4-whiff performance last night against the G-men (my team). To get you off the ledge, I found Yount Reggie, and Seaver from your 84 Topps list. - MrHaverkamp

White Sox Cards said...

I'll check my cards when I wake in the morning. I know that I pulled two Rickey Henderson RB cards last year. I should have at least one left.