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Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 Goudey Short Print Checklist

I couldn't find this online anywhere so it's getting posted here. There are 100 short prints in three different subsets. Cards 201-220 are short printed base cards, 221-260 are Sports Royalty cards and 261-300 are the 1938 Heads Up subset. The 1935 4-in-1 cards are not short prints but an insert set. I haven't figured out all the various permutations of the mini cards and I doubt I ever will.

2009 Goudey Short Prints

201 Brooks Robinson
202 Carlton Fisk
203 Gaylord Perry
204 Jack Morris
205 Rollie Fingers
206 Ron Santo
207 Sparky Lyle
208 Nolan Ryan
209 Whitey Ford
210 Phil Niekro
211 Ryne Sandberg
212 Jim Palmer
213 Joe DiMaggio
214 Johnny Bench
215 Ted Williams
216 Robin Yount
217 Ozzie Smith
218 Reggie Jackson
219 Yogi Berra
220 Mike Schmidt

221 Cal Ripken Sports Royalty
222 Ozzie Smith Sports Royalty
223 Tony Gwynn Sports Royalty
224 Don Mattingly Sports Royalty
225 Steve Carlton Sports Royalty
226 Reggie Jackson Sports Royalty
227 Carl Yastrzemski Sports Royalty
228 Johnny Bench Sports Royalty
229 Mike Schmidt Sports Royalty
230 Nolan Ryan Sports Royalty
231 Ernie Banks Sports Royalty
232 Stan Musial Sports Royalty
233 Ryne Sandberg Sports Royalty
234 Bob Gibson Sports Royalty
235 Dennis Eckersley Sports Royalty
236 Felix Hernandez Sports Royalty
237 Jim Rice Sports Royalty
238 Chien Ming Wang Sports Royalty
239 Jonathan Papelbon Sports Royalty
240 Evan Longoria Sports Royalty
241 Cole Hamels Sports Royalty
242 Ken Griffey Jr. Sports Royalty
243 Tiger Woods Sports Royalty
244 BJ Upton Sports Royalty
245 Randy Johnson Sports Royalty
246 Guy LaFleur Sports Royalty
247 Nicklas Lidstrom Sports Royalty
248 Mike Bossy Sports Royalty
249 Bobby Orr Sports Royalty
250 Patrik Roy Sports Royalty
251 Adrian Peterson Sports Royalty
252 Juan Marichal Sports Royalty
253 Chipper Jones Sports Royalty
254 Rollie Fingers Sports Royalty
255 Al Kaline Sports Royalty
256 Paul Pierce Sports Royalty
257 Jerry West Sports Royalty
258 Larry Bird Sports Royalty
259 John Havlicek Sports Royalty
260 Michael Jordan Sports Royalty

261 Cal Ripken Heads Up
262 Reggie Jackson Heads Up
263 Nolan Ryan Heads Up
264 Yogi Berra Heads Up
265 Ernie Banks Heads Up
266 Dave Winfield Heads Up
267 Ozzie Smith Heads Up
268 Stan Musial Heads Up
269 Ichiro Suzuki Heads Up
270 Albert Pujols Heads Up
271 Alex Rodriguez Heads Up
272 Jose Reyes Heads Up
273 David Wright Heads Up
274 Johan Santana Heads Up
275 Josh Hamilton Heads Up
276 David Ortiz Heads Up
277 Josh Beckett Heads Up
278 Manny Ramierez Heads Up
279 Ryan Howard Heads Up
280 Chase Utley Heads Up
281 Jimmy Rollins Heads Up
282 Hanley Ramirez Heads Up
283 CC Sabathia Heads Up
284 Ryan Braun Heads Up
285 Evan Longoria Heads Up
286 Grady Sizemore Heads Up
287 Dustin Pedroia Heads Up
288 Mark Teixeira Heads Up
289 Ken Griffey Jr Heads Up
290 Lance Berkman Heads Up
291 Alfonso Soriano Heads Up
292 Derrek Lee Heads Up
293 Brandon Webb Heads Up
294 Derek Jeter Heads Up
295 Diasuke Matsuzaka Heads Up
296 Vladimir Guerrero Heads Up
297 Jim Thome Heads Up
298 Carlos Zambrano Heads Up
299 Justin Morneau Heads Up
300 Tim Lincecum Heads Up

Card images courtesy: Saints of the Cheap Seats, Card Junkie, Stats on the Back


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Thanks for posting this dayf. As a fan of Goudey this year, this will be a handy resource for me.

Johnny said...

I'll second that thanks. I got the Whitey Ford and Johnny Bench out of a blaster yesterday and they probably look even BETTER than the pictures.