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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Group Break results - BA Benny

BA Benny got hosed. There is no denying this. Let us not dwell on this misfortune. Actually, we better dwell or else there's no post.

Benny chose the code cards and the Mets. Here are the codes:

'52 Mickey...

and '76 Munson.

Here are all the Mets in the box:

NOTHING. Poor BA didn't even have a special refractor to assure him of one lousy Met. The group break giveth and the group break taketh away. Here's what he did get:

Brian Matusz Chrome RC

Chris "Pie-eyed" Coughlan Chrome Rookie Cup

A couple of Tigers.

I added a couple of Mets to the package out of mercy, but unfortunately I'm running low on Mets. I may need to start joining group breaks just for the Meta at this point to replenish my stock. Ugh - what am I saying??

Last one is the Cubs, but I still haven't received payment. No hurry, you did slightly better than BA here though. 

1 comment:

BA Benny said...

OUCH!! Oh well, can't win them all. Maybe the code cards will hook me up on the MCG site. At least I got a little trade bait from the other teams.
I'm not sure if I am listed on your blogroll so if you could...



Thanks for doing the break even though I got hosed.