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Sunday, December 5, 2010


So a few weeks ago I resolved to go to the card shop that had World Cup sticker packs and singles and to knock out as much of my album as I could. The day I was supposed to go my car died. Then the holiday hit and I had to deal with car stuff and had a bunch of errands to do and I never did get to the card shop to get stickers. 


I finally got out there yesterday and had my album in hand. Who needs a wantlist? I walk into the store and don't see the box of World Cup singles. Hrm. So I do what any determined collector would do and star looking around for other stuff to spend my money on. They have a 50 cent box that is usually stocked full of goodies, so I checked that out first. To my surprise, there was a pile of Panini World Cup packets. The same ones that were going for a buck fiddy a throw during the Cup. I do the only sensible thing and grab them all.

Muahaha! packets are mine!!! It's a shame I couldn't pick through the singles though. I wonder what happened to them? After the 50 cent box I attacked the quarter box. There was enough Chrome in there to choke a mule. Even though prices have dropped through the floor (they were $60 a box for both at the store) plenty of packs were still being opened apparently. I looked through the baseball box and picked out a few things that had no business being in a quarter box (I'll save that for another post) and lo and behold, in the football quarter box were all the Panini singles. 

All the stickers were in penny sleeves organized by team. They were 10 cents a pop before, so I asked if they were 25 cents a sticker or per group. The proprietor stated they were 25 cents a group because they just wanted to blow them out the store. BLOW THEY DID:

Ha ha!!! Patience pays off! All I had to do was wait until the World Cup was so completely over that FIFA had already announced the host in 2022 and I end up with several hundred stickers for the album for about 13 bucks. Some call it procrastination, I call it biding my time. At any rate I shall be sticking like a madman over the next couple of days. 

If anyone out there still needs stickers for their album, leave a comment. Stale Gum and Waxaholic has first dibs, but I'll have a dupes list up early next week and I'm ready to blow my doubles out too....


Captain Canuck said...

that is an awesome deal. my cardshop won't discount any of the World Cup product. I go there about once a month, and he hasn't sold anything in over three months. But I'm patient.... I'll wait.

oh, and once again... #36 and #259

dayf said...

36 is covered, my friend...
I have 15 packs left to find 259 though.

Anonymous said...

I never got into the World Cup, but it's always great to snare a bargain. :)

Play at the Plate said...

A happy collector is a happy collector, no matter what they collect! I'm happy...someone sent me some ginormous Topps cards!