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Monday, December 27, 2010

Falcon Fever

No, really. Falcon Fever.

Saints at Falcons tonight in the biggest game of the week. Saints win, they clinch a playoff spot. Falcons win, we win the division. I've avoided posting about the Falcons due to superstition, so if the Falcons do a traditional Flop, I'm the one who did it. The Saints hit a field goal just as I typed that sentence so they are doomed. Dooooooooooomed. All because of me.

I picked up some beer, cheap chinese food and 11 packets of Panini Feetsbowl stickahs to enjoy while watching the game. Watch this space and I'll rip 'em live throughout the course of the game.

Pack 1:
55 Ronnie Browm shiny
Brian Urlacher
45 Lex Hilliard
551 2009 Leaders - Jets
476 Steve Breaston
Michael Jenkins - FALCONS
Rams logo
Rob Grankowski

Yep, I just cursed them. Todd McClure fumble, Saints get a touchdown out of it. Oh well, at least I know I'm bad luck now. All the stickers in red are duplicates, if you want them, claim them. Up to 12 per customer. All unclaimed go to Captain Canuck.

Pack 2
27 Marshawn Lynch
Lance Briggs
316 Leonard Weaver
525 Mardy Gilyard
Calvin Johnson Jr shiny
Mike Wallace
Mark Clayton
Brandon Meriweather

Falcons driving, TOUCHDOWN! Roddy White~!

Pack 3
116 Matt Jones
Terrell Suggs
3 AFC logo
Deion Branch
Cadillac Williams
Emmanuel Sanders
AJ Hawk
CJ Spiller

Yeaaaaah Saints punted. Carve 'em up Matty!

Pack 4

Texans/Colts Helmets
149 Ben Roethlisomethin Shiny
Lee Evans Shiny
487 Beanie Wells Shiny
LeSean McCoy Shiny
Calvin Pace
3 AFC logo

Every sticker in the pack except one was on foil. And what's up with all these pass interferences against the Falcons?!?!

Pack 5
Laurence Maroney
381 Donald Driver
Mark Sanchez
Brandon Gibson
500 Takeo Spikes
Chris Gamble
Clay Matthews
Paul Posluszny

Two minute warning.... Hold 'em D...

Pack 6
3 AFC logo (third one!)
380 Greg Jennings
340 Trent Williams
2009 Leaders Wes Welker
Kyle Orton
Tony Romo Shiny
Jake Delhomme
Jairus Byrd


YAY! THEY HELD! 10-7 Saints at the half.

Pack 7
Jason Witten Shiny
84 Shaun Ellis
Joe Thomas
51 Channing Crowder
537 2009 Leaders Chris Johnson
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
354 Julius Peppers
2 NFL Players logo

C'mon, time for halftime to end. I can only take so much Berman.

Pack 8
38 Lee Evans Shiny
12a 12b Texans/Colts Helmets
101 Joe Flacco Shiny
560 Super Bowl XLIV
Ronde Barber
Packers/Vikings Helmets
Daniel Manning
Wes Welker Shiny

Yeah refs - 'bout time a call went the Falcons way!


Pack 9
Jay Cutler Shiny
Peyton Manning
Joe Flacco
Randy Moss Shiny
51 Channing Crowder
200 Titans logo
308 Jason Pierre-Paul
Sam Bradford

Oh, the defense held. Time for the offense to stop being offensive.

Pack 10
Peyton Manning Shiny
214 Chris Johnson Shiny
315 LeSean McCoy
Lions Logo
Giants Logo
Robert Mathis
382 Jermichael Finley
Vontae Davis

BLUH. The defense is going to have to score at this point.

Pack 11
Aaron Rodgers
Chad JOHNSON. Shiny
2 NFL Players logo
470 Cadillac Williams Shiny
Elvis Dumervil
Pierre Garcon
Jermaine Gresham
315 LeSean McCoy

Defense holds again (Although they can't sack Brees to save their life). Time to step it up Matty!


YEAH D!!!!!

(I knew I shoulda bought more stickers)

Chauncey Davis is not in the Panini album. Jeez that was a horrible play by Brees.

Another interception by a lineman!!!!! Abraham isn't in the album either, wtf?

Yet another punt by Keonen. You can't keep giving Brees chances even if he's got the Favres right now.

HOLD 'EM D!!!!!!!

they didn't hold :(

All right Matty, it's GO time.

Bluh. Can't do nothin' on offense again.

Wait? Fumble? Nah, he's down. #$%@!

Aaaaand now the D can't stop 'em. One more first down and it's over.

And that's it. Absolutely no offense tonight. Gotta beat Carolina next week. I am a jinx. Guuuuuh.

For all my fellow Falcons sufferers  fans here's a more amusing flop to distract from tonight's flop.

Kom aa Falcons!


BA Benny said...

Jets and Saints fan here. GO SAINTS! Should be a great game 10-7 at the half.
I can use any Saints, Jets, Giants, and team logos (and other logos) you double up on.

Mark said...

I really enjoy your blog, but as a Saints fan, I hope your posting during the game just ruined it for the Falcons. Geaux Saints!

Nathan said...

tough loss, I was rooting for the falcons :(