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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick update on schtuff

My shower head broke this morning. I turned on the shower and the thing just popped. This means I had to buy a new one, which meant a trip out to a store that sold them, which meant I was going to swing by Target looking for the Chrome nightmare box for the group break.

The Target didn't have one of the boxes, but they did have a $1.59 cheapo box. Inside the cheapo box were a few 2010 Topps Update packs that someone had hidden in there. When I pulled out the Update packs some weirdo popped out of nowhere and told me not to buy those packs. I wasn't really planning to anyway, so I put them back in the Topps gravity feed where they belonged. Mixed 'em up real good. I still gotta buy the box tomorrow, if the Target by work sold out (not out of the realm of possibility as there are moochers who scour the Targets in this town) I'm in a heap of trouble.

I plan on at getting least a couple of the Blaster League prizes out tomorrow. My schedule makes it tough to hit the post office but tomorrow should be open.

I'm also feeling kind of bad as I have been miserable about posting packages I've received from people lately. I'm going to do something to rectify that soon.

Finally, Rowland's Office sums it up best.

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Play at the Plate said...

So now the packsearchers are posting little trolls to watch the goods? That's funny...and disturbing.