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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Group Break Update

The box has been bought, ripped, videoed, sorted, documented, saved and scooped. The only thing I have left to do is upload it to teh YooToobs and post the whole shebang. I don't feel like doing that right now so I'll show off what I got out of the break instead. I ended up doing pretty dang well for myself, I must admit. Too good in fact. Two of the other breakers got no cards at all from their favorite team. I'm going to rectify that situation later on though. I got a connection with piles of unwanted Chrome. Everyone gets some shiny in this break. Here's my swag:

J-Hey Chrome Refractor. The whole reason the break was done in the first place.

Luckily, the reject teams I got were all ones that I should have no trouble trading away should I choose to do so.

This one ain't getting traded. Xfracty Bulldog!

Purple Jurrjens!

Chrome rookie of Brandon Hicks. Brandon probably has a very outside shot of winning a bench spot this year. Maybe if the injury bug lits like it did last year.

I hate when I scan sideways out of laziness and then forget to rotate the image.

No clue who this guy is. Indians get snapped up quick though.

Another Royal.

Mike Minor rookie card! YEEHAWWWait. There's no Rookie card logo. Aw crap this is a 'prospect' card. I guess Topps has to save the Minor rookie for the early 2011 releases so they don't end up with a lousy beginning of the year rookie crop again.

What's the deal with all the Royals? I guess Moustakas is good. As good as Royals get I guess.

Expect the break video up tomorrow night. No fair backing out after you see how terrible your break was!


darkship said...

Dude! Nice Royals!! Could have done a lot worse with them! I can try and find some Braves if you want to trade them off.

Play at the Plate said...

Purple power!

@SparkTrader said...

Some nice cards there, thanks for sharing. I usually prefer Vintage cards but these look cool.