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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Four Cards, Four Teams

More card shop pickups here. Amazing how one trip to the LCS can generate 2 week's worth of posts. No bargains in this post though (a Kevin Brown rookie for a dime IS a bargain, dagnabbit!) just some cards from the local sports franchises.

Monday night's debacle not withstanding, Matty Ice is going to be the Falcons' franchise for a long time. It seems somewhat ridiculous to call myself a Falcon collector when I have dozens of cards of Chris Chandler but my Matt Ryans are in single digits. I dug through the dollar box of Falcons looking for a Ryan or two to add to the collection. While perusing through the stack I came to a realization:


I really can't stand them at all. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Too busy, too random and the design overwhelms the picture. It's like Panini's mission statement is to emulate 1995 Fleer as much as humanly possible. I guess people must like it (or they simply discard the base and chase the hits instead) but it's not for me. Which sucks because a large percentage of Ryan cards are on Panini designs. Instead I got a football card from a baseball set where the subject is wearing a college uniform.

Panini's basketball designs I've got no problem with. Yeah, there's a lot of the same randomness going on, but it works better with the hoops. There was no way I was passing up a Crown Collection card of my favorite Hawk, Al Horford. He stayed in school, won a championship, plays hard every night, is an All-Star playing out of position, and Al has more leadership in his pinky finger than Joe Johnson and Josh Smith have put together. Al's the real deal.

I've all but given up on hockey. The local franchise has been a trainwreck from the moment they took the ice. Every last one of their big draft picks have flopped, crashed or have been squandered by crappy management. Now that the ownership troubles have been sorted out there's a very real chance that they might not even be here much longer (Winnipeg Jets take 2 perhaps?). The only reason I haven't bought a Gordie Howe sweater and jumped ship for the Red Wings is this guy right here. Evander Kane. This is my very first Evander Kane card after hunting for one for the past year. Even though the franchise is a complete mess (yes I know they are doing better this year) and might be in a different city soon Evander is the type of player I can latch on to to keep my fandom alive. Or at least help me forget about the Stephans, Heatleys and Kovalchuks....

Let's finish off with an Uggla. Wrong uniform, sure, but it will be a couple of months until he's in the right one. Besides, it's shiny and curvy. Everyone likes shiny, right? Curvy not so much.


yankeesjetsfan said...

I'm wishing my Devils would have forgotten about Kovy when they had the chance.
Nice additions to your collection.

Mark said...

I totally agree with you on the Panini design. I recently bought a lot of about bulk lot of some series, because the were dirt cheap. Most of the bases were too busy, the inserts being better (mostly), and a lot of the parallels were just lazy (adding an embossed O to the front and numbering to 250). If they want to stand out in an over crowded market they're going to have to rethink their approach to the base cards.

Captain Canuck said...

i've talked about how bad panini is several times. we are agreed in this.

trust me, you wanted to get rid of Kovy. the thrashers are better off for it.

and they're only 5 points out of 1st place! if people in atl would only go to the damn games!!!