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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hands offa mah Cookie

People are still trying to snatch away mah Cookie:

They also want to grab my Richard:

But this post is about something different. The code cards themselves.

Remember back when the Transmogrifier first cranked up fitfully and wheezing and you were lucky to be able to put in one code every three hours if you could even find a code? Remember how scarce codes were back then? They were gold! Then Topps effed it all up and put a 2010 card in the Vintage machine. Now they have to give Code cards away in blister packs just to get rid of them. Even Rack packs all have code cards in them, just about every one! I got these two cards in a normal retail pack the other day:

'61 Maris Code card

'51 Redback Maris

Now that's an interesting little coinkeydink right  there. Also interesting is how Maris is in a Cardinals hat. It took me about 2 hours to notice that. Poor Roger looks like he just got beat up by a couple of New Your sportswriters. Since I got Two Marises (Marii?) in one pack I figured it must be a sign or something and redeemed my first code in about 3 or 4 months. Yes, I was a little bored this weekend.


1980 Joe Nolan. Hey, at least he's a Brave!


dawgbones said...

would have been truly hilarious if you'd received a Maris card in redemption!

McCann Can Triple said...

I got a 1980 Brave the other day. My lucky penny ran out of luck. Well, almost all. It had an iota left as I did get a Brave.

Cardboard Icons said...

DAMNIT! I just redeemed one of those Joe Nolan 1980 cards. Pissed me off.