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Friday, December 10, 2010

Obak Minis - Hobby Hot box vs. Retail random packs

No real point to this exercise,  other than showing off that I've bought a crapload of Obak this year. I wiped out the box at the local Target and they put out another one. I haven't bought that one out... yet. Here's my 40 minis. Your mileage may vary.

Oh heck... now I feel compelled to buy a normal hobby box for comparison...

Obak Hobby Hot Box

3 Starlin Castro
5 Desmond Jennings
15 Smead Jolley
16 Johnny Bench
18 Jason Heyward
23 Jefferson Burdick
25 Eddie Cicotte
28 Rube Foster
29 Bernice Gera
36 Tinker to Evers to Chance
38 Eddie Plank
39 Todd Mcfarlane

3 Starlin Castro (slogan)
18 Jason Heyward (photo)
37 Sherry Magee (Magie)

1 Dustin Ackley /25
9 Roger Clemens /25
12 Cal Ripken Jr. /50
23 Jefferson Burdick /50
37 Sherry Magee (Magie var) /25

Obak Retail Twenty Random Packs

3 Starlin Castro
6 Carlos Santana
13 Crash Davis
18 Jason Heyward
20 Jim Abbott
21 Moe Berg
22 Wally Pipp
23 Jefferson Burdick
29 Bernice Gera
30 Connie Mack
33 Jim Bouton & Robert C Nelson
37 Sherry Magee
43 Claude Berry
44 Buck Weaver
45 Hulk Hogan

9 Roger Clemens (slogan)
18 Jason Heyward (photo) (2)
18 Jason Heyward (slogan)
18 Jason Heyward (photo & slogan)

Totals out if the two boxes:

Base set: 26/45
Variation set: 6/10
Dupes: 8

1 comment:

Cardsplitter said...

Are those 2009 Obak? I have almost the set of 2010. I really like it. A nice combination stars and history.