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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Procrastination Pays

I'm not generally a big fan of Chrome, but every year I get a few packs out of habit that I forget about after a while. Last year I pulled a Gold parallel numbered out of 50 of an Oriole that I wasn't too interested in. I figured I would send it off to one of the many Oriole collectors out there who like that sort of thing and set it aside. However, I never managed to put it into a package and send it off for some reason. Man I'm lazy. But then this happened.

Now I have a nice shiny George Sherrill card to put in with my Braves player collection. This is a good thing because if Topps can't be bothered to make an Eric Hinske or Brooks Conrad card this year, they sure as hell ain't going to make a card of George in a Braves uniform next year.

In other news, the Kansas City Royals have signed an agreement to become the Atlanta Braves' AAAA minor league franchise.


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I hope George pitches for the Braves like he did for the Orioles, not so much the Dodgers last season. I was kind of hoping that we would re-sign him, but hey, it happens. I would suggest buying some Tums though since George can be a bit stressful to watch even we he gets the job done, ie walking the bases loading then striking out the side.

Captain Canuck said...

just perfect.

yet another dude who has no idea how to wear a hat.

dayf said...

Ryan: The Braves are planning to use him as a LOOGY so if he doesn't get the lefty out, someone else will be coming in before he can load any bases.

Canuck: I have softened my stance on stupid looking straight billed caps since Medlen was called up. (It still looks stupid on anyone but Kris though)

beardy said...

Dayf, please tell the stupid foreigner to stop talking trash about the Brim Reaper.

If you need any more Sherrill's.... I got you covered buddy.

Derek said...

*fingers crossed* however I like Wren working to make the club better all the time.