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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Trollmas!

The Collective Troll is collecting the 1965 Topps set. He recently sent out a call for some '65 trades. I have a good pile of '65 Topps and although I really like the set I've never quite got around to actively collecting the thing. Since Troll's collecting it, and I'm not, I figured some 1 to 1 trading of cards in my set that he needs for some doubles that I need would help us both out. Troll gets closer to his set and I still have the same size pile of  '65s, now with 100% more Moose Skowron. Troll's happy, I'm happy, everybody's happy.*

Well Troll sent me the '65s I asked for, plus all the other ones that never got claimed. Now Troll's happy, I'm happy and there's a bunch of '65 Topps cards left over. Let's make YOU happy. Like the Senators? Want this Les Narum card? Same deal as before, first person to leave a comment and e-mail me your addy gets this card free in a PWE. Do it quick and I might beat the mail carrier to my mailbox today. There's 6 more that will be given away in the same manner over the next couple of weeks so keep watching if you miss out. One '65 per customer, let's not get greedy. Ready Set... Comment.

Once you're done with that, go enter the Grandpappy Troll contest and try to win some '56s away from Night Owl and Myself who are quite desperate for them. We will never forgive you but, hey, free '56s!

* I will be doing more of this in the upcoming year so if you collect a specific set get your wantlists ready.


Michael Reuben said...

I'd love the 65

dayf said...

Michael gets the card.
Next card will be posted tomorrow. Look for some CRANberries with Christmas dinner.

night owl said...

Hands. Off. The. 56s.

Collective Troll said...

Every day is Troll-mas!
Glad you got them already!