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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Group Break results - Jeremy

Jeremy runs the blog No One's Going To Read This Blog, but no one reads it, so you wouldn't know who that was if I posted 'Group Break Results - No One's Going To Read This Blog', so I'll just call him Jeremy. If you lazy sods would read his blog I wouldn't have to go through all of this!

Jeremy was the first person to buy into the group break and the first to pay. I've got payments from three-fifths of the people in the break. As he stated in the comments, Slack Owl is not one of them. Eh, he's good for it. Besides, he's probably holding back for my recent Russell Martin taunting anyway. Jeremy grabbed the coveted Mickey Mantle card because a Mantle in a Topps product is probably the scarcest commodity on the planet. Here's the harbinger of doom:

Actually, the Yankees/Mantle combo was one of the more successful ones in the break. Here's the rest of the Yankees:

Chrome Mark Tei$eira

BoChro Capn' Cheezburger

Platinum Derek The Underpaid

Jeremy also gets the Pirates, Cardinals, Reds and  Rockies from the break. The Pirates and Rockies got....


If you're following at home, The Dodgers, Pirates and Rockies got shut out so far. The Reds made out a little better.

Drew Stubbs BoChro rookie and a prospect card of Dan Buttle. Cardinals weren't too shabby either:

John Jay Chrome rookie and a BoChro refractor of Matt Holliday. Very nice-a. Jeremy sent a bunch of Braves and stuff with his payment so I attacked his wantlists. Cards are in the mail, buddy! Up next: Someone who likes 2/5ths of the NL East.


Jeremy said...

Woah! Cool. Thanks. The Mantle and Holliday cards are nice. So is the Jeter card. I made out pretty good. I'm glad my payment made it safely.

yankeesjetsfan said...

Nice Mantle! I need that for my Yankee PC. Time to scour ebay...