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Friday, December 24, 2010

Group Break results - Things are Funner Here

Ok, back to posting scans of my group break because the computer with the video is still acting wonky and I don't have time to fix it. The proprietor of Things are Funner Here claimed the Strasburg chrome and Phillies. If anyone got a "JACKPOT!" out of this break she did. I'll just list 'em all out for youse.

Stroosbarg Rifraektor

I'm certain that some card shop has this card in the case with a $40 price tag on it. I don't care. You get it for $6 in this break. With the Stephen, you get Nationals:

Bowman Platinum Ryan Zimmerman

Ms. J ( I can't remember her name to save my life and I'm too lazy to go upstairs and look at the payment envelope so she's Ms. J for the rest of the post) specifically collects Invader Zim. Like I said, Jackpot. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE

Topps Chrome Ryan Zimmerman

Two Zims for the price of one, folks!

BoChro John Simms USA Baseball

I forgot about the USA cards in the set. Thankfully, Simms was picked by the Natsies so I didn't have to random this one off.

Ms. J also got the Phillies, Padres, DBacks and Angels in the break. The Padres she got fit in between these parentheses: ()

Here's the Angels:

Pitcha and a prospect. Next! DBacks up:

Rookie and some trade bait. No one bit, DBacks, better luck next time. Ms. J is actually a Phillies phan so I saved them for last.

Topps Chrome Placido Polanco Refractor


Topps Chrome Cole Hamels Refractor


It figures that a Braves fan would pick up the Phillies Hot Box. Sadly, the next contestant on the price is right did not do as well. They did BAD. Real bad. And they've paid already so there's no going back. I'll have that one posted after Christmas, I don't want to spoil their holiday.

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ThingsareFunnerHere said...

Wow! I just saw this post--I did hit the jackpot! Thanks for the awesome group break!