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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is this card in the Yo Momma set?


It probably is, I'm too lazy to look over the checklist right now. I wasn't living with my Momma in 2003 so she never got the chance anyway.

I never noticed the little stars in the background of the text boxes before. How adorable!

(I left my flash drive with all my scans at work. Thus, filler. The 12 days or Cardmas is in serious jeopardy today)


Thorzul said...

Yes, it is.


ThingsareFunnerHere said...

I need to obtain that card. But first I need to see if I already have it. It's kind of a big deal, if you think about it.

madding said...

I have the Yo Momma card (more common version) if anyone wants it.