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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Group Break results - Night Owl

Payments are starting to come in so it's time to show off the swag. Eventually I will get the video sorted out but I'll just scan them for now. Night Owl is gaga over Dodgers so I suckered him into enticed him to join the group break with the Jackie Robinson refractor:

It looks better in person. Oddly enough, cards that are curved don't scan well. Along with the Dodgers, Night Owl got these teams from the break:

Blue Jays

Le'ts look at the Dodgers first, shall we? After all that's the only thing Night Owl collects...




Hrm. The Dodgers seem to have dodged this box. Whoops. There was some other stuff in there. Here's the Rangers:

Chrome MVP Hambone. Not bad, but not a Dodger.  Let's check out the Mariners:

BoChro Ichiro! Still not a Dodger.  Here's the rest of the mess:

Twins Glen Perkins, and a couple 'a rooks. Well, not even rooks. Pre-rooks. Poor, poor, Owlie.


night owl said...

Yeah, I'm withholding my 6 bucks out of protest.

(Not really, just caught in Christmas crunch).

BA Benny said...

Ouch! I hope I fair better. The Hamilton and Ichiro are cool consolation prizez though.