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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A few more packs of Panini world Cup

I still can't find any of these in retail stores (Toy Story 3? that I can find) but Atlanta Sports Cards has some packs and singles for sale. I got four packs for 6 bucks and overpaid but what the hell. After I walked out of the building I realized that they were selling 20 loose stickers for 3 bucks which is cheaper than the 8 for a buck and a half with the packs. I went on my lunch break and had no time for shuffling through stuff so it's all good. Here's the results:

Pack 1

576 Cesc Fabregas ESP
533 Kanga Akale CIV
490 Juan BRA
8 Half a stadium
289 Mark Bresciano AUS
470 Martin Skrtel SVK
481 Jan Novak SVK
218 Landon Donovan USA

This one is going on A Pack To Be Named Later tonight so you can read about it over there.

Pack 2:

27 Friggin double
315 Ghana Team
504 Adriano BRA
508 Ri Jun-Il PRK
34 Tsepo Masilela RSA
533 Kanga Akale CIV
536 Guy Demel CIV
466 Rory Fallon NZL

My first two doubles, ugh. One was from the previous pack!! I'm going to put up a trading post once I can be arsed to spend the time to do it. All you guys who commented on the last post, keep watching this spot. I'd like to trade some, but I need to accumulate a few damn stickers first. Why isn't Panini selling blasters of this stuff??

Pack 3:

17 Half a different stadium
100 Franck Ribery FRA
102 Nicolas Analka FRA
93 Bacary Sagna FRA
381 Yuki Abe JPN
324 Stephan Appiah GHA
412 Gianluigi Buffon ITA
187 Glen Johnson ENG

This was the Frenchy hot pack. France's stickers have a weird background on them. that is the only team were I see anything like that going on. Several teams look like their pics come from a police lineup.

Pack 4:

377 Marcus Tulio Tanaka JPN
522 Jong Tae-Se PRK
144 Korea Republic Team
15 Half of yet another stadium
543 Portugal Team
334 Nederland Team
410 Italia Team
617 David Suazo HON

Four team stickers in this one including ITALIA!!! While I haven't officially decided who I am going to root for in this year's cup, out of all the teams there is only one where I have to yell the name of the squad whenever I see it. ITALIA!!!! I'm a quarter Italian with possible Mafia ancestry so I don't wanna hear about what the Sons of Liberty or whatever the hell they are called are going to do to me for being a traitor. Right now at this moment I may very well have a 99 year old angry Dago with a Tommy gun looking to whack me to avenge some mob slight from the '30s so you US footie fans can do your worst. I'm also a sixteenth Cherokee so my people were here first and don't you forget it.


Chris Harris said...

I still can't find these anywhere in NoVA or SoJers. I fucking hate you, and I hate you for mocking me by posting this.

With that said, pack #3 was pretty damn strong.

dayf said...


If I don't find a decent stash somewhere soon I'm going to break down and buy one of these:


If you want I'll split a box with out.

Erval said...
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darkship said...

I love the WC stickers and can't wait to finish my book! But remember Sam's Army will find you if you root against US..... :)

dfwbuck2 said...

dollar tree or deals had them...i'm 215 away from completing the darn thing, just ran through 5 packs with 22 doubles...the doubles are piling up and i will be a very willing trading participant...

Chris Harris said...

I might have to take you up on that offer. Give me a couple of weeks though.

dayf said...

I went to Dollar Tree too in my desperation and found only German Disney Princess packets.

Erval threatened Sam's Army on me too... DO YOUR WORST.


Captain Canuck said...

sticker blasters???!!??


darkship said...

That was me dayf...my dad had logged into his e-mail here and didn't log out!

I too have some doubles and expect them to build up as I go along. I'll gladly ship them out to those that need help

madding said...

Are there absolutely no action photos?