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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First pack of 2010 A&G

I bought one loose pack in addition to my box today. Topps ain't fooling around on this one, check out the powder blue wrapper. Here's the results from the first pack of 2010 A&G for me.

The first card is....

78 Leonardo Da Vinci

Can't ask for a better card than this to start off the 2010 set. I wonder if Leo has anything to do with the Ginter code?

80 Will Venable

I really need to figure out something else to say about this guy other than Max's kid. A little help, Pads fans?

44 Chris Coughlan

Swiped Hanson's rookie of the year award last year. WE SHALL HAVE OUR REVENGE.

210 Chris Johnson RC

No clue who this guy is. His stats say he's played Four Hundred Six games so either those are minor league totals or he's an awfully old rookie.

174 Eric Byrnes

He's with the Mariners? He's still in the League?

303 Trevor Cahill SP

I'm assuming cards 301-350 are short prints once again, just as they have been since 2007.

Mark Teixeira mini

My first mini is.... Mark Teixeira. How disappointing. He's on my list of favorite players just underneath JD Drew.

Oh goody a no-number variation. At least it can't go in my A&G minis Frankenset now.

TDH27 Ken Griffey Jr This Day in History

Me likey this insert set. Baseball and history tidbits all in one! I am going to have to show great restraint not to cut out the mini card on the first doubles I get of these things. If I had the cash to blow I'd buy a set just for that purpose.

Ginter Code Ad

I have to say this year's code is going to be much harder than last year's. The clues were pretty hard to miss last year. After tearing through my box, I don't recall any oddities to help out in solving this year's cypher.

Pretty successful pack, that! Short print, no number mini and a nifty card of my favorite Renaissance Man. I'm going to be working long hours the next few days, but I'll wash down some No-doze with a Red Bull and try to get something from my box break up by tomorrow.


SpastikMooss said...

Byrnes was a Mariner, but was actually already cut, and was contemplating retirement. Kind of weird he was in this set actually since he was cut a little while back, but I guess it's been in the works for a while, and he did play for a bit this year.

longlivethewho said...

That Johnson kid had a good game today and he's supposed to be the mainstay at third for the Astros.

Word Verification: shiet. Awesome.

Casey said...

Know who else was born on November 21st? Stan Musial. And guess what, they are both from Donora, PA.

How's THAT for trivia?

deal said...

hmm I was leaning against A&G this yr and then you have to go off the Day in History card. I like it = dammit - nothing like a card that combines music and baseball to sucker me back in.

Community Gum said...

It is odd that Topps can add Strasburg to A&G in a moment's notice, but they don't have a backup for Byrnes who's officially out of the Majors.

If they were smart, and didn't want to exclude the guy altogether, they should have photoshopped the picture and changed it to the softball team he reportedly plays for.

madding said...

The code cracking guy looks like the dude from Mythbusters with a top hat on.

Also, from what I've seen so far, this year's A&G set looks extremely lazy even for Topps. Very disappointing. There's just no excuse for having Eric Byrnes in a nice set like this.