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Thursday, June 10, 2010

@#&^$%*!! Nate

Dear Nate McLouth,

When Jason Heyward is running straight at you at full speed trying to catch a fly ball that could determine who wins or loses the game, either call that you have the catch or GET OUT OF THE WAY. Please don't run headlong into the franchise, drop the ball, lose the game and damn near get killed.


This might end up turning out to be the best loss of the season for the Bravos. If the Braves go ahead and stick McLousy on the DL and call up Jordan Schafer to take over center field, this crash could end up being the best thing to happen to the lineup since J-Hey won his roster spot. Hell, at least I know Jordan can hit .200 with a broken wrist, Nate can't do that healthy.


madding said...

At least I won't feel any pangs of regret for already having dropped him in my NL-only league.

McCann Can Triple said...

Didn't look like he had it even before the collision. It hit his wrist/edge of glove and bounced.