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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

In my one card review of Finest, I complained that the design of 2010 Finest was horrible, awfully boring, but maybe the refractors looked good. I found some refractors in the quarter box the other day so here's a comparison of a few of the different flavors of this year's refractors.

Here's a base card of Longoria. Evan is surrounded by a sea of gray gloom.

Here's the base refractor. These are numbered to 599 each. The dull gray is replaced by reflective silver. The logo in the background pops a little more. Nick looks releaved to be out of the dark.

The blue refractors look fantastic. These are numbered to 299 each. The background is a pretty solid blue unlike the next card.

Green refractors are umbered to 99. The scan looks a little better than the actual card. Since refractor technology has that holographic rainbow sheen to it, sometimes the rainbow drowns out the actual color. This one here especially looks more orangy violet than green. It doesn't overpower the blue refractor though.

There are also  red refractors numbered to 25 and one of one purple refractors  but those didn't end up in any quarter box I know of. I'm sure they are breathtakingly beautiful, which is why they had to be artificially made scarce so the plebes can't get a hold of them and harm the product's 'value'. Gotta keep them box prices high, at least in the first couple of months of release.


night owl said...

Finest is extremely disappointing this year. I'm not buying anything for the chance of getting a pretty refractor. The base cards have to at least be somewhat interesting for me to do that.

longlivethewho said...

The height of Finest for me was in '03 and '04. After that it went all downhill.