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Friday, June 18, 2010

Traders from the quarter box

One great thing about quarter boxes is you can find cheap cool stuff to send people. I may not really need these in my collection, but there are others out there who do. I owe packages to about a dozen people so it's good to find this kind of stuff.

Here's a Topps 2020 card of Clayton Kershaw. I don't think I've shown any of these off on the blog yet. I think the concept behind this set is to show off current young stars who will likely be dominating the league in 10 years. I'm just going to say it right now. Here's the checklist, in 2010 half of these dudes will be completely out of the league and only 3 will still be with their current teams. THIS I PREDICT. I also predict that cards won't look even a little bit like this in 2020. This looks lore like a card from the '70s that could be found in a cereal box. I will say that the 3D floaty stars look cool, although I am not a fan of the red back.

I've pulled a Bowman blue card from this year and I must say definitively that the blue on the 2008 card looks much better. It's a brighter, more smurfy blue. Pronk here is numbered to 500. Travis hit a homer off of the Golden One so now he is a mythical creature like the Cyclops or Minotaur. The Bludgeoning Pronk was a monster in Homer's Odyssey wasn't it?

I still don't know if I'm collecting the Turkey Red sets from this year and last or not. I think I am, but I'm doing it in a very nonchalant way. I should really focus n the '06-'07 set first since I'm so close to completing the non-SP set. I haven't even bothered to put a list together for that one yet. Everyone asks me for Brewers cards even though Thorzul has wiped me out so I'll pick up an extra one if I can get it. I like Prince Fielder, but I wish he'd sign with the Yankees. I really want to make Frank Zappa's The Evil Prince his unofficial theme song in my head, but he's too cute and cuddly in the Brewers digs.

I'm not crazy about these double-player Legendary Lineage cards but I can handle them when they at least feature two platers from the same team. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to handle Dale Murphy with Matt Kemp on the same card. This one here's all right though, and half the universe loves the Red Sox so it's bound to be in demand. Of course all four of these just entered someone's trade pile so don't make any offers. Maybe I need to hit that quarter box again. After I go to the post office of course.

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night owl said...

That Kershaw card makes me happy.