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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Call it the Strasmogrifier

The Topps Yo Momma Code Transmogifier is suffering from mission creep.

Tonight, after Stephen Strasburg's first pitch for the Nats, Topps will be giving away rookie cards of the overhyped phenomenon on toppscards.com. Some poor schlub will enter in a code hoping for a 1987 Wade Boggs and end up with some card from this year. The card will feature the first pitch from Strasburg, which means I have yet another reason to wish for a Dravecky moment for ol' Can't Possibly Miss.

I guess Topps is just taking advantage of two successful moneymakers and combining them into one ("You got Strasburg in my Transmogrifier!" "You got Transmogrifier in my Strasburg!!") ginormous hype machine but I haven't decided whether I'll be burning one of my codes tonight or not. It's obvious that the card redemptions aren't random what with the three straight weeks of mid 70's stuff in the recently unlocked cards section and I'm pretty certain they will be getting rid of a bunch of mid-aughts commons tonight as everyone madly enters codes hoping to win the lottery.

I got two codes and I've grown bored with the site since no one wants to trade me the cards I want and everyone  wants my '87 George Brett and '81 Alan Trammell for some reason. I might burn one for the lulz. Woulda been nice for them to get some series two retail packs out in time to stock up on some codes but timeliness is not a Topps trademark.


thewritersjourney said...

I might pick up a few packs before work tonight just to try to get some codes. I only got 1 during series 1, and haven't bought any series 2 yet.

Peterson said...

everybody wants my 71 etchebarren. 12 offers so far. 78 Bob Montgomery is second with 10 offers...I was offered an 81 trammel today...wtf?
at least I have 14 cards and only one newer than 78.
Even if I did have a code, I would be hesitant to burn it on this BS and not when the 50's/60's are back in the grand Transmogrifier.