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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Kid Who Could - Page 8

Filth, filth and more filth.

Enough of the writer's depraved mind, let's get to page 8 of The Kid Who Could Could. Here we have our first major plot twist.

Andrew is impressed enough with Peter's skills to play ball with him in an informal setting, but there's no way he's going to let someone on his team without all the requisite measurables. Andrew has all the makings of a future NFL GM. However, Tony the anthropomorphic spokescat has one more trick up his sleeve. Well, he doesn't actually have sleeves, but it's tucked in under his cravat somewhere. Specifically, three tickets to The Big Game.

You can tell this comic is almost twenty years old by this scene right here. I dare you to show me even one of today's overprotective helicopter parents who would allow their child to just up and go to a ballgame with some random dude who wandered into the neighborhood with tickets in his hand. I know Tony's pretty famous and one of the most beloved cereal mascots around, but Michael Jackson was really beloved and famous and that didn't turn out well. Hell, I get evil looks from all the paranoid soccer moms at the park when I take my own children there. You think they're going to trust their precious spawn to a natural (carniverous) predator? The fact that the kids are playing outside at all is pretty sketchy in today's society.

I never got to go to Busch stadium before it got leveled, so I'll have to rely on a Cardinal fan (paging Mr. Madding...) to let me know how faithful a representation this is. It looks a heck of a lot like old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium though, whuch I believe was stamped out of the same mold. I'm not as interested in the stadium as the crowd. Comic book crowds are almost always gold as the bored artist gets to go wild for a panel to create all that background filler. This is a pretty good crowd here, I'm a ringer for the big guy on the left, although I'm not a fan of polka dot shirts. There are no less than three guys wearing flannel shirts which was the fashion of the time, one of whom appears to be wearing a bowler hat, which was not. Not too many ladies at the ballpark, but there's one right in center who is either very tall and slender or Tim Curry from Rocky Horror. Either way she is sex-AY.And who's that on the far right? It's Carmen Sandiego! We found her! The little boy she's with suffers from a very unfortunate case of 'guy in front's leg appearing in an awkward place'. More filth from the artist, tsk tsk. I'm not going to smother my children with overprotection, but I'm sure as hell keeping them away from anyone who creates comics.


AdamE said...

Not a Cards fan but I was at old Bush Stadium a handful of times. It looked just like the drawing. A huge chunk of arched concrete. The people though... not so much. The fans at Cardinal games are red all of them. And no poka dots.

Anonymous said...

Carmen Sandiego? Really?

That was a GLORIOUS 90s pop culture reference.

Well done, sir...