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Monday, June 28, 2010

Joy of a Completed Page - 2005 Topps Heritage

Hey, look! I remembered to rotate the image this time!

Also: Andre Ethier was an A?

And what is it with all these Cubs??


dayf said...

Oh Dear Lord, I just checked Baseball Reference for Andre -

December 13, 2005: Traded by the Oakland Athletics to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez.

The poor, poor A's.

Anonymous said...

Ethier looks like he's 12 on that card...

Todd Uncommon said...

I totally forgot that Ethier was in the A's organization.

And I thought they picked up Mr. Chutes N' Ladders at the time as a free agent, like every other team in the league does. Nobody trades *for* the Parker Brother, and not a hitting machine like Ethier--even a twelve-year-old hitting machine.

I wonder why in the same post I mention Milton Bradley, the word verification is "prick". No joke.