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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 pack - Dustin Pedroia

When I first saw the box for Topps Series two, by first reaction was: Pedroia?? I guess it was a reward for doing a very funny video game commercial. I'm not gonna lie, this was by far the best of the packs.

441 Clete Thomas

Ball on Bat action!

604 Braves Franchise

Awwwww yeah! Chippah and Henny Youngman hoisting the 2004 Division Banner. We'll have to get us a new one of those this year. The back is kinda cool:

Chipper and Huddy are dominating the categories for active Braves right now. Looking at the all-time leaders, I don't think any of those are changing for a loooong time.

CMT63 1956 Ernie Banks Yo Momma Card

Yo Momma! I relish every single one of these that bless my packs. 1956 ismy second favorite set from the '50s too. I don't even mind getting a Cub, because Ernie transcends all Cubbieness as The Perfect Cub. What I really want to know is where the hell is Hank Aaron in this set. Topps had an entire year dedicated to Hank in 2000, and nothing this year. They're gonna make money hand over fist thanks to Straburg Mania, they can damn well pony up the license fees to get a '56 Yo Momma of Hammer in the Update set.

LL-53 Nolan Ryan/Justin Verlander Legendary Lineage

I'm not a huge fan of this set, but damn this is a cool looking card with Express and Verlander going for the gold in synchronized pitching.

Jake Peavy Silk # 19/50

Hey I only got 8 cards in this pack! Rip off!!! Ah yes, the silky card. Of a player that would have been a Brave if he hadn't vetoed the trade. Can you believe this is my first silk? I haven't had much luck pulling these before now and I didn't feel like paying out the big bucks just to caress the fabric. It just goes to show that if you buy enough packs, you'll pull one of everything sooner or later.

458 Todd Wellemeyer


507 Francisco Rodriguez

K-Rod got 62 saves in 2008. Then the Mets threw a lot of money at him. Do you think K-Rod will get 62 saves in his first two years with the Mets? He needs 17 more this year to pull it off.

Max Scherzer TAttaxTown

Matt got Dontrelle Willis kicked out of Detroit and posted 14 Ks in a game while doing it. It's sort of weird how Dontrelle and Max traded 2009 teams.

Allrighty, that was the bet of the bunch by far. Once I get my act together I'll post the Mick.


McCann Can Triple said...

Where did the pack come from? With the silk I'm assuming hobby.

I can't find any retail packs in my area.

Roy said...

That Wellemeyer HAS to be airbrushed. Hat, chest logo, shoulder patch...all off...all horrible.

dayf said...

All Hobby pack sso far. Retail has been total crap lately. No one is getting new baseball in AT ALL. Monopolies rock.

Joe said...

My first retail pack of the year included a Tommy Hanson Peak Performance jersey card and a Cy Young short print card. Those cards were arguably better than any two in the hobby box I had just finished opening.

Play at the Plate said...

I've still never pulled a silk...wait that sounded wrong. Anyway, only hobby in my area too so far.