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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Kid Who Could - Page 5

Hooray, it's comics time! I'm two pages behind on my self imposed schedule, so the only logical thing to do is to change the schedule to Monday-Wednesday-Friday for the comic updates so I'm back on track. You know what... forget that. ONE PAGE A WEEK. We'll be done by the end of the year, maybe. Now I can get ahead of schedule for once.

Today: actual real baseball playing action!!!

I almost abandoned this project when I saw a certain bit of dialogue. Remember when I put forth the theory that comic writers get bored when doing ridiculous throwaway comics and sneak in filthy innuendos in order to amuse themselves? Well, um...



Filth aside, this is a pretty good page of action here. There's a nice big picture of a ball field with only slightly wonky perspective (are the left field bleachers about 10 yards behind third base or what?) and more really bad hair in the foreground. Andrew has good mechanics on his pitch, Peter follows through on his swing. Both have epic speed lines accompanying their athletic feats so you know they're good. Then it all falls apart in this panel:

Only Ozzie Smith would think a seeing eye dribbler past a terrified second baseman recoiling in horror and a center fielder who was not paying attention is a display of power hitting. Now, to put some perspective on it, these are children, Peter is the smallest child, so making solid contact and getting on base really is a pretty good show for Peter. Ozzie's just shilling for him a little too much. You'd almost think the Wizard has some sort of financial incentive here, like he's Peter's agent, or is setting up up a wager where everyone bets on Peter before he finally wets the bed in a real game. Nah, this is Ozzie Smith, not Pete Rose. Tony the Tiger probably told him to talk up the kid or else Donovan Osbourne will get mauled before his next start. Tony won't do it himself, mind you, Tony's the head of the operation. Fruit Brute handles the dirty work.


bailorg said...

Don't care for the green background. If the baseball wasn't there I never would have guessed I was looking at out-of-focus grass.

Also the green text makes the the sidebar borderline unreadable.

One minor quibble I'm not sure if you can do anything about: for the main posts, I don't like how the black background breaks only between posts from different days, but not between every post or has no breaks at all.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Hey dayf - just to let you know you got me hooked on the Panini virtual World Cup stickers.

I should have just stole your entire blog post -

I tried to join your swap group but it was full.

I started a new one:

Group name: Cup Quest
password: goal


McCann Can Triple said...

...why was he still holding the bat after he hit the ball?

Mark's Ephemera said...

Not crazy about the green background. The sidebar times are un-readable.

But the green does draw out Glenn Hubbard's snake.

Todd Uncommon said...

Isn't that kid saying a whole lot of words while pitching a baseball?

How slow is that kid throwing?

Most people barely can get out a grunt while heaving the ball forward, while this kid has the most needlessly elaborate taunt I think I have EVAR seen.