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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Kid Who Could - Page 3

Three pages in and I'm already behind. Luckily, I scheduled no posts for the weekends just in case a kerfuffle came up that would distract me from keeping my schedule. Here's page three of the Kellogg's/SI/DC Ozzie Smith Epic.

Ok, I can't not talk about this any longer. A sleeveless green and orange collared shirt? Who the hell wore that ever? Was this a hugely popular fashion in the early '90s and I was too much of a dork to notice? Seriously, rugby shirts with the sleeves ripped off? Who did that?? And don't get me started about the orange and white Tennessee end zone cap. If I saw someone on the street wearing one of those I'd smack 'em. At least Peter is kinda sorta stylish with his grungy flannel shirt and crappy vest shoplifted from a thrift store.

The plot speeds on. The boys play, Peter sulks, Tony invites them all to see a little guy who became a giant. Silly Tiger, Ozzie played for the Padres, not the Giants. Finally on page three we get to see Ozzie in the flesh fielding a screaming line drive off a phungo. Amazingly Ozzie is playing a pickup game of baseball (remember those?) with a bunch of nobodies wearing official St. Louis Cardinals uniforms. Guys like Pedro Guerrero, Andres Galarraga, Bernard Gilkey and Ray Lankford.

Oh wait, never mind, all those guys are black or Latino and every single player on this field is lily white. INCLUDING OZZIE:

Somehow in between panel 4 and 5 Ozzie went all Michael Jackson on us and lost his red long sleeve shirt along with most of his melanin. He kept the beard though, thankfully. Don't worry kids, he changes back, the colorist isn't that daft. Ozzie throws to Todd Zeile, the workout ends and Tony brings the kids over to pester beg for autographs from invade the privacy of talk to Ozzie Smith. Ahh... but that's on page 4....


Scott said...

That's hilarious...except I had a similar shirt back in the mid 80's.
Nice baseball card blog. Keep up the good work.


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dayf said...

So I guess I am the fashionless dork. Please tell me you didn't have the matching hat too...

madding said...

I was always pretty loyal to sleeves, myself.