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Tuesday, June 8, 2010







Once again, Topps has decided that gimmicky bullshit is more important than the integrity of the base set that made them what they are today. I'd say more, but I've already done this rant.

I really shouldn't be surprised, they don't want people like me as a customer anymore anyway.


Stephane said...

Just plain sad...

sruchris said...

Topps said we would have a chance at a Strasburg during the game so I entered in a dozen codes during the 4th inning.

It turns out that Topps didn't have the Strasburg card in the system until the 8th inning!!

Cardsplitter said...

What a complete load of shit. What assholes. Really. Damn Topps and their gimmick crap.

sruchris said...

Here's the press release:


"during Strasburg’s very first MLB game on June 8, collectors visiting www.toppsmillion.com with a code card found in Topps Series 1 or Topps Series 2 baseball will have a chance to unlock this special card."


Topps, if you are listening, I want my 12 code cards back.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Get me up to speed:

Prior to this, was the 2010 Topps set 660 cards?

And now, Topps is going to crank out card #661 as a 1-man update set?

Does this now deflate the "value" of the card that that poor (a/k/a stupid) fan paid $16,000 for last week?

Jim from Downingtown said...
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Jim from Downingtown said...
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Jim from Downingtown said...

A lot of people commenting on that press release link now feel like chumps, having been sucked in to Topps' scam this year.

I saw this whole million card "giveaway" as a scam back in February and refused to get sucked in. I'd much rather buy cards outright, to get the vintage cards I want, not "redeem" gimmicky code cards for 1980s backup catchers and such.

flywheels said...

Wow, I leave town for 3 days where I don't have internet access and then when I return I come across this news? And here I thought as a new set builder I could successfully build the 2010 set since it marks my 20th anniversary of collecting baseball cards. Guess the best hope I have now is to be one freakin' card short. Thanks Topps!

Don said...

IMO this is worse than the Johan gimmick a couple of years ago. At least Johan was a SSP that you had a chance of pulling out of a pack, but this crap you have to pay to get shipped to you. T

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I refuse to acknowledge this card as being a part of the 2010 Topps base set. I will consider my task complete when I have all 660 cards.

Unless, of course, I pull a Strasburg rookie. But I ain't going to go out of my way to get it.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

Okay, so this is interesting. The MCG site crashed, and when it came back up, the wording on the Strasburg graphic changed.

Now it says "The Topps Strasburg Rookie Card is now available exclusively on this site! Click here for details!"

No mention anywhere about #661. Did Topps listen for once? Or is it wishful thinking?