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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Andy hits the Big Time

Remember Andy from the 88 Topps Blog? He just got an article published in the New York Times. He also does some nice work on the Baseball-Reference.com blog. It's a treasure trove of nifty statistic tidbits, but don't worry if you're not a stathead, Andy has snuck a few baseball cards in there too. It's a nice way to kill a lazy Saturday, especially since I won't be posting again till late to night at the earliest, so check it out.


Andy said...

Thanks for the mention. You have been a big help in helping me get this far.

I think I will have another column or two in the NYT over the next couple of weeks while Sean is on vacation.

You can't imagine how great it is to work for that guy. He's so smart, so well-connected, so kind, and so generous.

I'll mention here that if anybody has posts on their own card blog that they think I might like to pick up for Card of the Week at the Baseball-Reference.com blog, please email me at andy at baseball-reference dot com.

Andy said...

See what a great writer I am? "You have been a great help in helping me this far."
I'm a regular Peter Gammons, ain't I?

dayf said...

No you were right the first time, I'm pretty big.