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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bowman Blaster of Shame

A Shame Blaster is one where I bought a blaster of something I really didn't want and probably couldn't afford because I am a degenerate addict of baseball cards and I couldn't find anything else interesting. Very often I will buy it rationalizing that I will do a blaster rip post on the blog, but after I rip through the thing and the adrenalyn- Ahem. Adrenalin rush (damn you Panini) wears off I am too ashamed/embarrassed/depressed to post the results. Usually I put the packs back in the box where the remain to this day. The good thing is now that my mental state has improved I can revisit these blaters later on and post the results. I'm going to try to do that over the next few months, but first here is the shameful Bowman blaster I posted about a while back.

Pack 1

53 Jayson Werth
19 Jake Peavy
175 Tim Lincecum
169 Joe Mauer
BCP99 Thomas Neal
BCP93 Brett Jackson
TP46 Jenrry Mejia Top 100
BP95 Big John slade Heathcott
BP101 Anthony Ratso Rizzo
195 Albert Pujols gold useless
Checklist 2 of 5

Lotsa star power in this pack, plus I can make fun of the names of the prospects. The Pujols photo is awesome, and the horizontal Bowman layout is novel, but these gold cards just plain suuuuuuck. They aren't even used for decoys anymore. Can we please get rid of these damn things, Topps?

Pack 2
38 Howard Kendrick
117 Shane Victorino
161 Alex Rodriguez
183 Carlos Zambrano
BCP77 Steve Lombardozzi
BCP73 Joe Serafini
BT97 Clayton Kershaw '92
BP109 Jaff Decker
BP52 Sheng-An Kuo
49 Clayton Kershaw gold useless

Clayton Kershaw hot pack! Sadly for Night Owl, he has the gold already and I think I'm going to collect the '92s. gcrl will one day benefit from my hatred of gold cards when O get around to putting together a package for him again.

Pack 3

213 Brandon Allen RC
91 Ryan Dempster
188 Jacoby Ellsbury
164 Rick Porcello
BCP60 Neil Medchill
BCP79 Eric Farris Purplefractor
TP37 Thomas Neal
BP45 JJ Hoover
BP32 Eric Niesen
27 Adam Dunn gold useless

This is my first Purplefractor, when I said I got one in this post I goofed. For some reason I got my gold refractor and my purple refractor mixed up. Even though it looked gold in the scan, my mind lied to me and said "no, that's your Purplefractor, dummy, it must have just scanned weird. Lack of sleep + stress is not your friend. JJ Hoover is a Braves prospect who is having a lot of success in the minors this year. 

Pack 4
50 Prince Fielder
89 Wandy Rodriguez
177 Roy Oswalt
184 Erick Aybar
BCP30 Dent Ryan Dent
USA-BC13 Brad Miller USA
BT84 Adam Dunn '92
BP27 Craig Clark
BP18 Pedro Ciriaco
42 Scott Rolen gold useless

You know, Bryce Harper is in this USA Baseball insert set. Yet, despite having been just as hyped as Strasburg, not a single person has gome completely bugshit crazy over his card. All this prospect crap is pure 100% manufactured hype and we're buyin' what they're sellin. Sorry to kill your Bowman Buzz, but I told you this was a shame blaster right there in the title. Why didn't you believe me?

Pack 5
113 Nelson Cruz
181 Neftali Feliz
172 Ichiro
BCP13 Jeff Antigua
BCP21 Luis Exposito
BE16 Andrew McCutcheon/Jose Tabata Bowman Expectations
TP23 Brandon Allen Topps 100
BP9 Nick Santomauro
BP4 Tyler Henley
99 Brade Hawpe gold useless
Checklist 3 of 5

The Bowman 100 and '92 throw backs combine at one per pack, so when you get one of the double sided inserts you get a second insert in the pack. Or conversely, you only get three base cards. Andrew McCutcheon is a heckuva player. a common complaint on the AJC Braves blog is that we traded for McLouth instead of McCutcheon. Well, DUH - The Pirates traded McLouth specifically to give Andrew a spot in the bigs. Sometimes my fellow Braves fans disappoint me.

Pack 6

128 Alex Gordon
171 JA Happ
179 Jorge De La Rosa
BCP5 Andrew Cashner
BCP39 Edinson Rincon
BE12 Ubaldo Jimenez/Tyler Matzek Bowman Expectations
BT53 Johan Santana '92
BP59 Randall Delgado
BP68 Hak-Ju Lee
33 Magglio Ordonez gold useless

Arodys Vizcaino, Julio Teheran and Randall Delgado. Three big-time blue chip pitching prospects coming up all at the same time. Even if acoupleof them falter, one of them is bound to become an Ace for the Braves. This can't possibly fail!!!

Pack 7
140 Dustin Pedroia
141 Justin Masterson
186 Felix Hernandez
182 Yunel Escobar
BCP65 Brian Pellegrini
BCP100 Starlin Castro
TP 12 Carlos Santana
BP76 James Beresford
BP 87 Wilmer Font
68 Carlos Beltran gold useless

Pack 8
125 Chipper Jones
88 Dan Uggla
168 Josh Johnson
176 Denard Span
BCP94 Chad Jenkins
USA-BC5 Gerrit Cole
BT61 Joey Votto
BP94 Chad Jenkins
BP100 Starlin Castro
29 Robinson Cano gold useless

Here's the third Chipper I pulled. After buying the base card out of a 50 cent box because I was never ever going to buy any packs of this crap, I pull a chipper in my first rack pack and my first blaster. Bowman mocks me and my pathetic plans. This Chad Jenkins guy pitched for Kennesaw state which is neat.

There is my shame, laid naked for all to see. 20 bucks for a Blaster and not a Heyward to be seen. Although compared to some of the other stinkeroo blasters I got this is a shining beacon on a hill. Those are posts for another day however.


John said...

You will probably hate me:

I was at walmart the other day and found some 2010 Topps Series 2 - 8 card loose packs laying around(someone must have busted open a blaster box, stole the patch card and left the packs there) and decided to take them to the register and buy them (I was not sure if they would scan). I was also hoping I would be charged 99 cents a pack. (just like Opening Day)

Well, much to my dismay they came up as $1.98. I bought 2 packs. (I am thinking I could have bought a 36 card jumbo for $4.98).

They first pack yielded nothing. The second pack yielded a JASON HEYWARD. He was the only reason I bought the packs in the first place. If I did not get him I was going to buy his card off of ebay.

I bought his 2010 Bowman recently and his 2007 Bowman about one year ago off of ebay.

So I guess the 4 bucks were worth it. Out of the 330 cards in the set, He was the one card I wanted (I would have taken an Austin Jackson also) and I got him with my second back. I love it when that happens

longlivethewho said...

Interestingly enough, Bryce Harper is the more talented out of the two. Not only can Harper hit the crap out of the ball, he threw major heat in high school. In a skills competition, Harper dominates.

NMCLax24 said...

Props on the Carlos Santana vid. I love that guy and his music.

dayf said...

John: No hate on the J-Hey from Topps. I'll explain later. No hate on the Bowman either, I'm just frustrated with my Bowman luck.

NMCLax24: I've had a cassette tape of Abraxas since I was in high school. Carlos is an excellent musician.

madding said...

Chad Jenkins? When did Eric Byrnes change his name?

gcrl said...

what can i do to get that gcrl stack piled high?