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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little Bowman help, please

I am a hypocrite. I've been screaming to the heavens for a month that Bowman is a crappy set that Topps ruined years ago. I've been dissuading people from buying it because the 'real Strasburg rookie' will be coming out soon (HA!!!) and then everyone will forget about his first Bowman card. I've been bemoaning the fact that the base cards are pretty much filler in this set*. So tonight I went out to Wal-Mart and bought a blaster because I'm a hypocrite.

Don't go to Wal-Mart when you're hungry or when you're pissed off at the current state of baseball cards. I was hungry tonight and I got a bunch of food I didn't really need. I was pissed off at Topps so I buy... Bowman. Real smart there. I should have just bought some Upper Deck instead, oh wait.  Blowout Cards probably swayed my decision a bit also. I was searching through the deals this weekend and found that they are selling blasters for $37.99. I mean, that's just ludicrous. So basically my thought process was: "This #$%! store still doesn't have ANY baseball cards newer than Attax except friggin Bowman, and at least I'm kinda sorta getting that almost half off when you think about it".

I know, that's BS reasoning and I'm still a hypocrite. A hypocrite with a blaster to open at least.

I have a problem, though which is the reason for this post. I got the box home and panicked a little. You see, the shrinkwrap looks a little off. It's sealed very thickly on the sides to the point where the cashier had to stretch the wrap just to be able to scan the barcode. I don't want to end up with a damn repack box that was opened, filled with 1994 Upper Deck Bip Roberts cards and resealed. With the Strasburg Mania going on I wouldn't put it past someone to do that.

The rest of the box looks ok I guess. it feels heavy like there are 8 packs in there. There is a $19.98 sticker on the wrap. The plastic has 5 of those little blue Topps logos printed on it. I thought there were usually more, but I don't have another wrap to compare at the moment.

If anyone has opened a Bowman Blaster recently or has an unopened one can you tell me if this looks legit or did I just get ripped off? I'm probably just being paranoid because I'm in such a bad mood right now, but I don't want to open the thing up if it's a scam job. I'd rather just return it unopened and exchange it for something else. God knows what else I could exhange it for, there's literally no other baseball there except Topps Series 1 and Attax starters.

If you all think it's legit I'll do a live break tomorrow afternoon so you all can follow along and see just how bad a product this really is.

*Atlanta Sports Card has** a 5000 count monster box FULL of Bowman base for $30 if you're interested.

**Well, had one as of a week ago.


Anonymous said...


I've opened a few of these from Meijer (Michigan store) and Walmart. They've all had the thick plaster and bastardly barcode covering shrinkwrap edge. You're fine, open away, I hope you've got a Strasburg auto... oh wait, they aren't in there (look at the auto groups for Blasters on the side of the box... THATS what got me pissy).

dayf said...

With your encouragement, I opened 'er up. Everything looks good. I don't even care about the Strasburg, I just want a Heyward. Shops near me are all sold out of Heywards and they'd want an arm and a leg for them anyway.

Matt P. said...

Just in case the box is filled with '90 Topps Greg Brocks... I have a small army of Sid Breams I will swap you for it. So it won't be a total loss.

Peterson said...

I have yet to see 2010 bowman retail in any establishment in richmond, VA and surrounding areas. I, as I posted, will not pay for a box...just say no to anything but the Heyward Chrome RC.