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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Kid Who Could - Page 6

When we last left Ozzie and the gang, Peter had just hit a mighty, powerful seeing eye dribber much to the amazement of all. One hit is just lucky, it's time to see what little Peter can do with his stick.

It looks like little Peter can handle his wood! Ah, but can he don the leather? (don't give me that look, they started it) And now we find out that all the other kids not named Peter or Andrew are just meaningless window dressing. I'm going ot let Peter bat, then I'll hit everything to Peter! BUT WHAT ABOUT JUAN??? Sammy Sosa used his off day with the Sox to do this comic and now he's just standing around with his thumb up his butt. Sammy shall have his revenge on the Cardinals... Oh yes he shall.

Meanwhile, to Andrew's chagrin Peter is hitting all his tough-to-hit pitches for dribbling grounders or weak line drives to the shortstop. Where are the strikeouts?? Andrew wanted to be Roger Clemens, not Greg Maddux! Better get on the juice, boy! Andrew almost ended up like Charlie Brown on that last pitch, with flannel shirt and socks flying in the air.

Once again Ozzie Smith is impressed by weak grounders. You don't need to hit home runs, kid! Just look at me! I can't hit worth a flip and I made out all right! All Peter needs to do is field like a jackrabbit on meth. Is little Peter up to the task? Find out on page 7!

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madding said...

Ozzie looks really stoned.