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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Packets from Pursuit

I'll keep adding packets as I rip 'em, scan 'em and stick 'em but the game is too good to leave right now.

Now that I'm watching the games I'm recognizing some o these characters. Heinze was all over the place during the Argentina - South Korea match. Papastathopoulos gave up the foul that let to Nigeria's only goal in their loss. Nigeria would have won that if not for a stupid red card.

Dang, Landon Donovan and Luis Fabiano in the same pack. I already had Landon so I've got some serious trade bait now. Donovan stickers are going for a buck a pop at the card shop.

I got Germany's goalie in this one. Are football goalies as collectable as hockey goalies? Probably not, they don't wear painted masks. The pointy haircut sported by Sulley must be popular, I've seen a bunch of stickers with the conehead cut.

Yay! Another American. I don't have that one. This was an Australia hot pack. Man, the Australia flag and the New Zealand flag sure do look alike. They were impossible to distinguish on the Virtual Album so I had to remember the Aussies wore yellow.

Hellas got their first World Cup goals and win this morning. Pasting the sticker in the album,  leaned that Ballack plays for Chelsea. I've actually heard of them. I need to pick a Premier league team to root for once the Cup is over. Any suggestions?

Woooo! Another Yank! Booooo! Already got him! Australia will be the first team i finish at this rate. Too bad they got massacred by Germany. David Villa is a kickass sticker. I picked Spain to win it all and David to score the most goals in Mark's World Cup contest. So how'd they do in their first game, anyway?


I am the jinxiest jinx to ever jink. No wonder Switzerland won, they cheated - they've got guys from Lichtenstein on their roster. At least I got the Paraguay shiny. I couldn't go 0-8 on shinies. And man those things are extra shiny this year aren't they! Time to finish sticking these suckers, I'll put up a trade post tonight.


RoofGod said...

Mexico wins!!! One step closer to Frenchie going home!!

Captain Canuck said...

I wonder how ireland feels right about now???

PunkRockPaint said...

Root for Liverpool! You'll never walk alone!

Cardboard Icons said...

These World Cup packs are addicting as hell. I've bought 20 from the Dollar Tree, mainly looking for Portuguese guys. (Wife and family is from Portugal)

Chuck's Used Cards said...

hey - I'll take the USA players off your hands - what do ya need for them ?

And Ballack will be leaving Chelsea before the season begins in August.

Also looking for New Zealand's Jeremy Christie.