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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 pack - Ty Cobb

Just about everyone wanted to see the Ty Cobb pack next. Congratulations! you picked the most utterly boring pack! This one was bound to suck, I chose between the last two Cobb packs in the open box and chose poorly.

332 Brad Hawpe

I have an irrational fear that I'm going to see an eBay auction soon where the dude with the orange hat under Brad's left arm has been replaced with John Elway. Topps has utterly destroyed my piece of mind.

459 Joel Zumaya


575 Ryan Perry

He's been in the league one dang season and his arm is already all inked up. Save a little skin for later, rook!

638 Paul Konerko

Sorry, I'm not scanning the boring cards. Think of how a Paul Konerko Topps card should look and I promise you it will be more interesting than this.

384 Chris Johnson RC

He's making a goofy face bit it's still not good enough to scan.

641 Chase Headley LaMarr

Gold cards bore me. Plus, I really wish the Padres would go back to the neon brown uniforms they used to have.

PP-96 Dan Haren Peak Performance

I hate this endless, useless insert set. When it's a crummy current player that just makes it worse.

445 Miguel Olivo

This one I like. Miguel looks like he's shooting a hook shot for the Nuggets.

349 Felix Pie

How's about a piece of pie, DING DONG DING DONG
Sorry, unexpected Ween moment there. Let's move on.

Alexi Ramirez TAttaxTown

I really hate these. Ugh, one set per pack please.

So that pack sucked. They can't all be good. Up later this week is the Pedroia for the Sox fans out there. That pack only has eight cards in it though. Oops, sorry, spoiler alert.


gritz76 said...

Agreed on the padres! Where's the tradition anymore?

skoormit said...

So a fella makes 3 straight all star teams, posts 3 straight ERAs under 3.33 without missing a start, and he's a crummy player? Tough crowd.

Todd Uncommon said...

I say the Pedroia pack next. Only because I don't want to end it with him. End on Mantle! End on Mantle!