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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Topps is Earth Friendly

I've been pretty critical of Topps lately, but even so I know that their heart is in the right place. Sure, they're alienating most of their customer base and dooming the hobby - and their very livelihood - into obscurity within the next generation through underhanded gimmickry, but at least they care about our environment.

I was doing some spring cleaning about three months late yesterday and while reorganizing a bookshelf I stumbled across this 2005 Braves Media Guide.

I forgot I had it and it was a neat find. It looked a little familiar though... I had a feeling of Deja vu... Where had I seen that picture before?

Oh yeah!

2010 Topps Series 2! Card #604.

 This Braves franchise history card got a little piece of media guide history. Topps recycles! Good job Topps. You get the green seal of approval!


dayf said...

"archival storage boxes said...
LOL does it really matte:) All this green talk is getting on my nerves lol."

Well why don't you go take a swim in the Gulf and die lol

Oh wait, you're a spam account. Nice work saying something ignorant when you're trying to advertise.

LOL deleted :)

Joe S. said...

Seriously, ask the people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida how important the environment is.

As for Topps alienating "most" of their customer base, I'm not so sure. I guess, then, they've targeted the correct small group of people going crazy over Bowman and Ginter.