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Thursday, January 3, 2008

2009 is looking bleak

I just saw this from MLB Trade Rumors about a couple of future Braves free agents.

Teixeira is a Scott Boras client, and he seems primed to mash 40 homers and 120 ribbies in his contract year. I think we're talking seven years, $150MM here.
Yipe. Here's another one about Rafael Soriano:

Could be a $9-10MM guy if he has a big year and saves 35 for the Braves.
Oh goody. The Braves don't want to pony up that for a starter, let alone a reliever. Looks like Mike Gonzalez is the '09 closer. But wait, here's the good part...

If the Braves lose Soriano and Teixeira, at least they'll get some sweet draft picks.
Oy, gevalt. That's nice, but Andruw Jones taught us that a) even if they suck eggs in '08 they'll still get paid and b) you don't get draft picks if the team doesn't offer arbitration. I'm feeling a little sick. Shouldn't spring training at least start before I should have the Feeling of Impending Doom about my favorite team?


Russ said...

I feel like if the Braves were ever going to spend money on someone, it should be Tex. I don't worry too much about the closer as there's not too many of them in baseball, except Trevor Hoffman, who stick around for a long time. Smoltz and Chipper have been the faces of the franchise for so long that the Braves need someone on the team to step into those roles. Smoltz is going to retire sometime fairly soon and Chipper might not be too far behind. Giving Tex, Frenchy and McCann money now will not only give the franchise marketable players, but good players at that. I know the team wants to keep the payroll low, but I think the on and off the field value of Tex is worth the price.

dayf said...

I agree 100%. Throw a huge contract at both Tex and Frenchy now. No matter what it costs today, it will just be even more expensive down the line. I just don't know if Liberty is willing to pony up the scratch though. I personally think something will get done with Tex, but until then I'm remaining cautiously pessimistic.

Kevin said...

"Shouldn't spring training at least start before I should have the Feeling of Impending Doom about my favorite team?"

Speaking as an Orioles fan...nope. At least your cleanup hitter isn't Kevin Millar.

Unknown said...

Come on over and join the Yankees - we'll be signing Tex for 2009 as Giambi's contract expires this year, and I doubt Shelly Duncan is the answer.

As a good and true Dawg fan, do you struggle with the Tech-boy Teixeira?

dayf said...

I actually grew up as a Georgia Tech fan, but when it came down to deciding on a college I quickly realized my writing skills were much , MUCH better than my math skills and I headed East to Athens instead. I actually still root for Tech in other sports, but football is UGA all the way. Tex played baseball and not football, so he's ok by me. The 150 OPS+ he had last year doesn't hurt either.

As for Kevin's comment, Kevin Millar + Cleanup Hitter = LOLZ

Thanks man, I feel much better now!

dayf said...

Also, I'm actually kind of a Yankees fan already, I just love the teams that played over 30 years ago. Some of my favorite pulls this year were Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Yogi Berra out of Upper Deck sets.

1927 Yankees = me love
1938 Yankees = hugs and puppies
1951 Yankees = joy and happieness
1957 Yankees = REALLY love these guys
1977 Yankees = love 'em to death
1996 Yankees = not so much