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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trading Mania - Adorable Edition

Here's another trade that I just sent off. Reader NMBoxer won a card from my Fastest Box Break Ever post on A Pack A Day. I sent her the Babe Ruth she won, plus a Kei Igawa card she mentioned she wanted. A little later on, I received a package of Braves cards from her in appreciation. Here's some of what I got.

Both Tim Hudson Variations from Bowman Heritage, plus a Yunel Escobar RC,

A whole bunch of early nineties Braves including Rafael Belliard, Marvin Freeman, Terry Pendleton's first card as a Brave, Dave Justice and this card of Jim Vatcher stretching to loosen up for one of his 27 lifetime at bats for the Braves.

A few newer cards including Renetria, Millwood, Odalis Perez, a Trey Hodges rookie, a Tim Hudson card I've never seen before, and this delicious Frenchy. Golly, this is a nice looking card!

A bunch of vintage Topps stuff including a Mark Lemke Rookie that will soon be featured in The 792, Rick Mahler, Bruce Benedict, Rick Camp, Joe Boever, two Zane Smiths and my favorite player growing up, Big James Robert Horner. I had this card when I was a kid, but it fell into a crevicein the headboard of my bed and when I found it a decade later it was pretty jacked up. I got a replacement, but it's way out of focus. This one is actually nice looking and will be going into my team set book.
This card is just awesome. You know it's true. The Atlanta Apes would be a good nickname for the team if they ever change it from Braves. Plus this guy looks a little like Brian McCann when he's rockin' the full beard. I keed, I keed, I love ya Mac.


Holy schnikies, I've been wanting this card ever since I first saw the checklist for Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects! Heyward is going to be a beast in 2013 or so. This is incredible. I can stop buying BDP&P now. Thank you thank you thankyou!

I was planning to send them a thank you gift when they first e-mailed me that they'd like to send me some cards, but the Heyward caused me to fatten the package until I really couldn't squeeze anything else in there. According to the e-mail NMBoxer and her daughters collect Asian players, so I found a bunch to send. Here's a sample:

Along with the cards, I got a nice note and a drawing. The note says "Dear Dave, I hope you like the Atlanta Braves cards we sent you. (I do) I like baseball players that have smiles on all the players faces." Here's the drawing:

The Braves and the Mets are facing off for the NL East crown! This is really really cool. Since she likes baseball cards that have smiles on the players faces, I sent a bunch of them as well.

I hope they enjoy all the cards, although now that I think about it, in NMBoxers' original e-mail she mentioned that it was getting ridiculous how many cards were piling up. I think I might have just sent them more than they sent me. Oops. Well it's always better to have cards you collect rather than ones you don't, so at least the universal card balance is in a little better order today.

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Sweet deal for both of you.