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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Trading Mania Part Two - Mark the Mets fan

Here's another trade I just made with reader Mark. Mark got in on a free Masterpieces card in my Fastest Box Break Ever post on A Pack A day. Mark is a big Mets fan which is good because I can get these filthy cards away from by beautiful Braves collection. Here's what I just sent Mark:

Two cards he needs for his Masterpieces set,

Something old and something new,

A Hunk 'O Hernandez,

Bunches 'O Beltran (a couple are even in a Mets uni!)

Some completely random stuff,

And of course, a sticker.

Here's what I got in return:

The LAST card I needed for my UD Masterpieces set.

and the LAST card I needed for my 2007 Allen & Ginter set.

Complete. Over. Done. Finished. Two awesome sets. All in plastic sheets so I can drool over them and not worry about getting the cards all sloppy.

I totally ripped him off. Serves him right for being a Mets fan.

1 comment:

mmosley said...

Geez, I agree with the guy about Glavine and I get lip. Go Mets!