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Friday, January 18, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Text Checklist

Topps Heritage is a little over a month away... Little tidbits keep popping up here and there about the issue such as sell sheets and scans of the checklist, now Topps-Heritage.com has a full text checklist posted on their site. Specific team and player collectors can do searches in the checklist now and us excel nerds can cut and paste into a spreadsheet. Go ahead and have a nice look around once you're there, it's a heck of a site.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of young Braves. A very close friend of mine has a cousin who is a AA player for the Braves. His name is Carl Loadenthal and I think he has potential (decent bat, great sppeed). I was wondering what you thought of him. Do you think they will promote him to AAA this season? I know he is like the 4th best OF in the system (behind Brandon Jones, etc).