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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh No, Not Again

Len Pasquarelli is reporting that the Falcons are interested in USC coach Pete Carroll for their head coach opening. Pete's apparently actually interested in the job! Oh Goody! Just what this franchise needs, another Big Splash From Arthur B.! It's the best of both worlds, a failed retread NFL coach and a college coach looking to jump for more money! Plus Pete's willingness to dump a dream college job that he can pretty much have for life for about two and a half years in the trainwreckiest trainwreck of a franchise ever which happens to have a dysfunctional roster at the moment surely indicates great intelligence and mental stability! Sign Pete, draft a wide receiver in the first round and as soon as Vick gets out of rehab WE'LL GO ALL THE WAY, BABY! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

I am this close to becoming a Titans fan, I swear to God....


Russ said...

Since moving to Jacksonville in 2006 year, you don't know how hard it's been, especially this NFL season, not to just completely drop my Falcons fandom and adopt the black and teal of the Jags. However, hiring a coach who has proved that he's mediocre in the NFL might do it. I'd rather have Billick over Carroll and I'd rather have Singletary than anyone.

dayf said...

I'm fed up. Haven't they freakin learned anything yet? Stop trying to make the front page of ESPN, hire a young promising GM who will then hire a young promising assistant coach (like Singletary) and will then spend high draft picks on big beefy beasts for the offensive and defensive line. Look what the Browns did. They focused on the lines and they just missed the playoffs this year after being a joke for forever. Now they can pick up a skill player to put them over the top. THAT'S how you build a team!