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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Goals

2007 is over and it was a pretty good collecting year. I started some new sets, completed some old ones and got into stuff I never knew existed. I made some mistakes along the way, such as passing on Topps Finest and not just going for the factory set on Updates & Highlights. Hopefully I can make 2008 better by setting a few goals.

I set goals for myself last year, I jut never officially wrote them down. A few I completed (finished off a few Braves teams sets) and some I didn't come close (get want lists for all my Topps sets). I have a chance at a fresh start now, and here's what I'd like to accomplish this year:


Finish off one Topps Braves team set from each decade, 1950's, 60's ,70', 80's, '90's and '00s.

Add 6 pre-war Braves cards to my collection. Two down.

Find 15 1953 Topps cards I need for my set.

Complete the 2008 Topps set.

Complete 2 other sets, and determine in advance which ones I want to complete by doing a little research before hand. Also figure out in advance the best way to buy them, whether it's hobby or retail.

Complete 2 old sets that need finishing such as T206, T205, 2006 Allen & Ginter or Goudey including short prints.

Finish off the Allen & Ginter type set by September. A year should be long enough to find them all.

Trade more often.


Get want lists together and online for all Topps base sets from 1951-2008.

Get want lists together and online for all Topps and Bowman Heritage sets from 2001-2008.

Get want lists together and online for all Braves team sets from T206-2008.

Get my Braves team sets in binders for 1987-2008. I know I have most of them, I just don't have them in pages.

Catalogue the individual Braves cards I have in a database, starting with Chipper Jones.

Get my Upper Deck, Donruss, Fleer, Score and Pacific cards organized as well as my Topps stuff is already organized.

Get all doubles segregated and organized so they are easier to find when trading.

Get all my monster boxes organized, labeled and on the shelves I just bought for that express purpose.

Get my basketball, football and hockey cards in some sort of order. Big piles shoved in the corner is not order.

Get rid of a lot of the crap lying around cluttering up the joint. Sell it, trade it or give it away.


Post stuff when I think of it, don't start a draft and let it sit for a couple of months.

Catch up with my Allen & Ginter Type Set posts and keep up with The 792.

Continue to make sure A Pack A Day keeps on having a post a day.

Follow through on the Super Special Secret Project I have in the works. (ha! foreshadowing)

Post all trades on the blog. Trading needs to be encouraged.

Continue being prolific without burning myself out.

Keep having fun with this thing, It's just a hobby!

Yeah, that's a lot of stuff, but I don't drink, don't smoke (what does he do?) and I have a whole year to get this stuff done. I'll still probably procrastinate and do it all on my Christmas break. Anything I complete I'll mark in Red so you guys can watch and heckle me if I get lazy. Do any of you have any goals for '08? Post 'em in the comments, or make your own blog and post 'em there!

Now, as a reward for reading all that self-important drivel, here is a YouTube video showing a record player playing an old 45RPM record of Spike Jones' "Happy New Year". The song is good enough to make up for the boring video, trust me.

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Anonymous said...

Those are some lofty goals for 2008. I like the one about deciding what sets to collect next year and figuring out the best route to take.