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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not Going

I thought about it a long time, but I'm skipping the NHL Fan Fest Card Show today. I just don't have the interest in the new cards. I used to really love hockey, but the lockout really turned me off on the sport. After following the Thrashers build a team over 5 years, I got to watch the 6th year where they were supposed to contend get wasted for nothing. My favorite player is now with another team. A sport I used to watch at least twice a week is now impossible to find on television. If this show was here a couple of years ago when it was originally supposed to happen, I would have been there without hesitation. I just can't get motivated to go to this thing now.

Other than some ads on 790 the Zone, there's been no promotion for it at all. This is the only site I can find with any information on the show, and it doesn't even have ticket prices. Even if it's free (which I doubt because why wouldn't it be advertised as such) gas and parking to go downtown to see it will be at least 15 bucks. Then to get any promo cards I'll have to drop another 30 on packs I don't really want. What's the point? They'll be on eBay in the next week anyway. It's sad because this is pretty much the end of my hockey collecting. New stuff at least, I'll never be able to resist old Topps and O-Pee-Chee cards before they went from cardboard to whatever it is they print them on nowadays and got cluttered up with foil and crap. Upper Deck's the only player in the market now anyway. If I had unlimited money and unlimited time, I'd be there. I don't. Nobody has. And quite frankly, the NHL has done nothing over the past five years to deserve my money and time.

That doesn't mean I won't look at other people's cards though, and in last night's Hockey Love post, I didn't realize new A Pack A Dayer Chuck had his own blog. The Ball and Puck Club features articles on Baseball and Hockey cards and Chuck also cracked open a box of Updates & Highlights today on A Pack A Day. Check it out and look for it over on the sidebar.

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